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December 22.- In the seuate, Wedneaday, Mr. Morgan ( Dein., Ala.) spoke at great lengüi upon bis resolution against the power of the ■resident to decide tlie electoral vote, i onsreesional Tisitors were appointed to the military and naval academies. A bilí was passed for the relief of settlers on restored railroad lands; also a bilí irrantiuga railroad right of way throuah the United States ceinetery Deai Vicksburg. The seuate adjourned to January 5. The house of representativos devoted alruost its entire attention to Jdeesrs. Weavcr and Sparks, who on the previous day had so erossly violuted the proprieties of debate. Sevural opportunltiee were given them to apologize, luit they failed to do so. Thereupon, Mr. McLaue iDem., Mil.) introduced a reeoluUon to reiiuire them to apologize, and Mr. Bowinau i Rep., Maes.' a resolution of expulsión. They at last made the ueeessary apologie, and the wbole siilijcct v;is hiid on thetable. Thehouse thiMi ordered tlie debate on the landing bijl, wlieu reiunied, to be liinited to oue day, did some unlmportant busiuess, and ailjourned until January 5.


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