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Sitli Muley aan, the Sultan of Morocco, has set a tüuchiug example of retrenchment to his subjecis. Ilaving completely draineu the Imperial Treasury during his efforts to suppress the rebellion that raged throughout his dominions last summer, he bas just cut down the state expenses by somesweeping measuree, t!i (irst of which was the reduction of his oivn domestie establishment to about one-half of ils noni al strength. He dismissed, at a blow, 20u I bestowinn their hands npou distinguished offlcers f hisaimy, who e i v . Id eonsideration t the hi [h favor thus conferred, he dooked .-■.ouie Bve-and-twenty jier cent. A plea-injí feature of flus arrangement ia int' !ct th;ii Ihm majesty hun made his tnmriiuonia] dispositíona in sueh sort all liis oldcr moi-ties haye got new husbandSi whil he has resrved tlie youngir nes to glaiidi-n his own lieartb. Muley Hassaua popularity bnsbeen hicreased to such an extent by Ihia self-sacriflce en his p:rt tliat, a few da) s ;i#o, ia he rode froni the piflol lie chief mos(}ue,he was grfi'ti'd with onthusiastic acclamatioji by tlie whole male pwpníatíon oí Fez, his capítol.


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