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The Lion's Tongue

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The very Miliar rormation of the lion s tongue lid not escape the notice of our anatonist, but he does not say nauch about t. I have now in my hand the dried ongue of a lion ; lt is covered with íhíirp-pointed horny papillas, set very thickly upon its surface. The papilla? m the front portion of the tongue are nuch larger than those in the rear part of the tongue, but the smaller ones are set much closer togelher tlian those in front. Each papilla consista h a korny spine, the point of which is curvea and set directly backward, reïninding me much of the spines on the ;ail of the thomback ray. On applying this lion's tongue to the cheek, 1 tind thatthe roughness is so great that with a little pressure a wound might easily be made in the human skin. The use of this is to scrape off the meat f rom the bones of the animáis. for the lion is not a great bone-eater - he leaves the bones for the hyenas to crack, these animáis having teeth especially constructed for the cracking of bones. This peculiar roughness of the tongue is also present, but in a less degree in the common cat, and it can be seen when the cat is lapping milk, but still better if the tongue of a def unct specimen be taken out, put for awhile in spirits, and then pinned out tight on a board. This rough tongue rfs of great importance to the health t the lion. - Land and Water. . Dr. J. C. Thompson first saw Miss Collet when she acted as a bridesmaid at his wedding, at Sedalia, Mo. He could not fail to note that she wasfar prettier than the 'bride, and within a short time he informed her thai he regretted that she was not his wife. She suggested that the mistake piiglit be rectified by elopement, and they disappeared together. A French writer says there was once in the environs of Eouen a miller's daughter so pretty and so cruel that the sighs of her lovers alone served to turn the lails of her f ather's mili.


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