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An Arkansas Yarn

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The most remarkable escape on record occured in this city several nights ago. Jack Juckles coramittc d ui act, which, accordiug to law, would seiid him to the penitentiary. He concealed himself in a third story of a building, hoping to escape notice until the next day, when a friend would obtain a disguise for him. He sat in the room meditating. "Yes," he mused, "if I am arrested I will go to the pen. 1 shot a fellow in self-defense, but, hang it all, I have shot several, and the State of Arkansas is getting tired of excuses," A rap on the door startled the muser. "Who's there?" "A Deputy Sheriff. Open up." "Gone up," he thought, as he opened the door. "You are my prisoner," said the deputy. "Yes," replied Jack, "but dont you know that it won't do to take me through the streets; i'd be mobbed. I teil you what to do. Go out into the hall, lock the door, and stand there until several other offlcers can be summoned. You can send the porter alter them." This seemed fair enough, and the offlcer calling the porter, sent him to the Sheriff s office. "Stand outside," said Jack. "A break might be made at any moment. There is no possible chance of escape. I'ni honest with you." The deputy went out and locked the door. There was not the slighest danger to be feared f rom a mob, but an idea had occured to the prisoner. No sooner had the deputy taken his place in the hall than Jack softly raised one of the windows. There were two gas burners in the room, and approaching the one not in use he placed his mouth over it and turned on the gas. Presen tly he began to wave. ïhen his f eet left the Hoor and he went up nearly to the ceiling, but he blew out some of the gas and carne down lightly. He took a little more, and by holding to the wall he managed to reach the window. He went through and floated in a westerly direction, and then, blowing off gradually, he came down lightly, tipping along for several yards before he could with safety exhale the entire amount of gas which he had taken into his "meterized" system. Shortly after the offlcers arrived the gas man came over and promptly chiirged up the extra amount of gas consumed. The best whistler in, Little L: Juli., is a marriwd woniau.


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