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W. A. Titus, 02 Ashland Avenue, Toledo, Ohio, 8ays: - My wife is novv asatrong ascTer, herregained health being directly duc totheuse of theExcelsiorKidney Pad. We can heartily i-ccomracnd it lo all kid ncy troubled persons. - 8ee Adv. Hint to Farmers. Don'i lel your torses be seen standing muclt at tbc tav ern door; it don't look ritrht. Don't be without Henry & Johoson'a Árnica and Oil Linimcnt near at hand toapply in case of accident. Keep good fencea - espec ially line fences; it promotes good teel iugs among neighbors. Keep Downs' Elixir always in the house, and uso in cases of sudden cuughs, it.. a i safcguard against cousuraption and olber dangerous diseases. Baxter's Mandrake Bitters, taken according to dlrections, aves large expense in doctors bilis. WÏLSËY MUSIC STORE. PIANOS. ORfiANS, SHEET MUSIC. tion BooksVlolins, Guitars, Flutes. &e. , ' cheap at Wilsey s Miiríc Rooms, east side Public Square, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tht; l&rgeat and lst Stock of Musical GlooU ever brought iuto ' Wahtflaw Countv. Violin andGuitar Strlngs a ! apecialW. N. B. - It wll be to your interest to :all before purchasing anythinp in the Muslc i ine. ■ I BUSINESS CARDS. WILLIAM CASPARY, OAKXBY AND OONFBCTIONZBY, BR Detroit Street. JOHN F. LAWRENCE, TTORHSY AT LAW. i mi,-.-. Nos. ■-' and 8 Iliirs Opura House, ; Aun Arbor, Hlcli. FRANK EMERICK, t TTOHNEÏ AT LAW -Office over Brown & -í-Co's Drug Stort', Corner Main atul Hurón Streets. Ann Arbor, Mlch. [IURON MARKET. IJ C. FREER. Dealer In Fresh. Balt and Jm Sinoked Meats, Fresh Fish, (tysli-rs. Poulli'.v. en: No. 3t EastHuron St: i. MICHAEL H, BRENNAN, A TTORNEY AT LAW. Office With E. I). XX Kinne, Slawson Dlock, comer Hurón aml Fourth amela Aun Arbor, MiHi . s. B. PARSONS, M. D., Succeasor to Stone & P&rsouB, OFFICE AND DI8PENBABY, Corner Hurón and Fifth Streete, Aun Albur. Mitli. O, C. JENKINS, SUBQBON DKN'TIST, Rooms No. 88 East Washington Street, fonnerly occuptedby lr. FrotbiDgham. Ann Arbor, Bficb. COOK HOUSE, CORNEK HURÓN AXD FOURTH STBEET8, Ann Arbor, Mk'lnxan. Heated Uy Steam with no F.xtra Cliar?;c. C. H. & F. W. .Teweix, Proprietors. TOBACCO STORE. I I W'II.r. BE FOÜNDthttt F. S. Biu;k keept the 1 best assoittiieiii oí CIGAB8 AND TOBACCO In the citv. Best hrands I' cigarettesa apeclalty. No ; East Hurón Sr. JACOB H ALLER & SON, DEALER ffl WATCHE8, CLOCKS, Speodes, Plated Ware. Qold Pena aml Fine Jevyelry. Special attentlon giren to repairtñff Watchêfi and Jewelry, ;i S'inih Main Street, nn Arbor. ANTÓN EISELE, DEALER IN MONUMENTS and GraveWones, manufactured fiom Tttnneaflee and Italjan Uarble and Scotch and American Rfaolte Shop Cor. Detroit nnl Catberlne Bts., Ann Arbor., Míen. s. T. SPEECHLY, PHOTOGRAPHER No Í98OUT8 MAIN 8TEKBT, üards; CftUIiH'ts. Promenade and 8x10. with Frames t sutt. Backgrounds uní acoessorlea complete. Negativos ki-pt i wiiiii for orden. DR. L. D. WHITE HTREAT8 3UCOE88Füli,Y al) manner ol ' chronic diseases. Dlseases of the lungHand throat r Rbecuuty. Office hours from T A. M. to s P. M. Omce nd realdence So SI North Main Ut. Jim Arbor, ■ - - Michigan. MtTSIO STOEE. The chcapesl place to buv Pianos, Eatey Inoras, Vlóllns, Guitars. Ban jos, Tanibourtnes, Drums, Pites, Flageolet, Zitliers, Accordeons, PtanoBtools, VloHn Boxee, tnsí nicii(n Bookfl for all kiiuls oí Uistruiuents, Sheel Mnslc(new). Striivgs,Desl qualitj", allktads; ftlouth Organs, Bridges, nows, Kt-ys and Rostn. EverythlDgin therausic Une from' a Cbiokering l'ianoro a Jriv's Han can be found at. J. K. SAGE'SÜuríc Store, no. i Washington sr.. Aun Arbor. VOOD -L-TUDÍ John Flynn has gone luto Ule uood business ;il':uii tins seanon . and proposes tokeeB on hand asupply nt'iill kiixiKof wooo. wbichwill be sold at reasonablerates; order ■ It-i'i ai Ditrnelms tobáceo store on Harón Btreet, or at the yards at the foot of Hurón street, adjofniog the Toledo railroad, wrill recelve proznpl attention. JOHN PLYNN. Pioized TJ-p. GOLD RING, which the owner con have by provluff proper and paying Í6r thls notlce. Adaress, DncouRAi Ano Arbor, Midi. The Ann Arbor Savings Bank, (Orcanized 1809, nader the General Bankuuc Law ' of tin's stnicj has dow, inrlucling capital Stock, ■''■.. etc, OVER -250,000 ASSETS. BusiOASB mum], (íiiardians. Trustees. LadSefl and other persons s'ül íind litis Bank a SAFE AND CONVENIENT Vlaof at irhichtomake Deposita and do bushmes, 1 Interest sAllowed on All Savings Deposits Of Sl.OOaml upwanl, aceording Co the rules of itaiiU. and interest compounded semi-annu ally. Money to Loan in Sums of $25 to $5,OOO. Secured by [Jnlncumbered Real Bátate andotber Koti seciuitiaB. diükctous.- chiteHan Haok, K. W. Wines, W. 1). Barriman, WlUiom Deuble, )i. a. Beal, Daniel Hlscoi-I; and W. ]! Smiili. OFFICERS.- C'lu-istiaii Uaek, President; W. W, W'ines, Vice-Presldent ; Ilias. E.Hlscock, Cashier. REPORT OF THE CONDITION ANN ARBOR VaVINGS BANK At Aim Arbor Mii-h. at Hih of business. Monday, January 8pd, A. D. 1881. made in aeeordance with Becttons 18, 10 and B7 of the General Banking Law as amended in Itfil. RESOURCES. Loans and diseounta $279,670.89 Bonds aud mortgaKes ' 106.212.13 U. S. 4 percent ionds 11,079.38 Overdrafta 112.46 Revenue stainps Vii.00 Furniture and flxtures 8,980.86 Bills in transit 1,0887 Due from National and stat1 banks. . . . 47,664.91 Sflvercoin and ni.-kels S.93,O1 Legal tender and buik noten .. . 84,498.00 190,170.48 I.IAHIl.lTir.S. Capital atock $ Surplus 5,000.00 ündlïided proflts 8 530.07 Dividends unpaid 3,146.00 Duedepooitors 424,491.38 490,170.45 IdosolemnlTswear tliat the above statement is nu.-, totbe besl ( my Imowledge and belief. CHAR :. IllsciicK. Caehler. Subscribed and svrorn to before me, this iih rtav of.January 1881. ADAM D. SEYLER. Notary Public. HILL'S OPERA HOUSE ! ONE XIGHT ONLY. MONDAY, .1ANUARV 10, uSSi. CYBIL 8EABLE'8COJHPANY Rapporti ng dip eminent tragedienne, Bose Eytinge, I ti the i,-rvat Drama. ÜOSE MICHEL. W i il t en fXptesÊly for and played by Miss Ejrtánge formore tluin l,HMMiin-s, nehidinft' a run of vit') consecutlve performances at the Union Square Theatre, N. Y. Rose Michel, 'il.rá.'i'."',1 Rose Eytinge. C, STERLE, 4DMISSION SB, PO and Í5 cents, i Rescrvod spats nim mi Bate at Watte Jiswétiy slor HILL'S OPERA HOUSE! FRIDAY EVENINGTaNUARY 7, '81. Qrand CarnlvaJ of Fun : GILMORE AND MIACO'S HU MPT Y DTJMPTT And Doublé Specialty Troupe, ■ Ineluding the graat, the only, the original Aiiicriian. GrtlMALDI, - - Alfred F. Miaco. Jennio MiaCO, Champion Skipping Rope .IiL Danrrr. Prof. John White, and troupe of Trained Dogs. Aubroy &. Dashway, Expert Gymnaats. Mam'lle Laura Miaco, her wonderdertul BalanoiHK Trap.'ze act. Eddie Man n ing, Lancashire dog DaneerAllie Smith, Jlg and Keel Dancer. Leon Whettony, the greatest anima] impersonator living, introdneing his liaby KIe phant, LMng Alligator and Monkey and others of equal ment . Togethor with Prof. Gray's Military Band and Orchestra. Popular Prices ; - 45, 35, and 50 cents. No extra charge for reserved seats now on sale fit Watts Bros.' Jewelry Btore "DOO ON THK "DOG ON THE OLD HAT." oiiD HAT." A. A. TEERY, A. A. TEERT, HAT8 HAT8 ANN ARBOB, ANN AKBOB, MICH._ JOCH. LEONARD HOUSE, TF. LEONARD, Proprletor, Ann Arbor, Hlch, LECALS. Notice to Creditors. C TATE i if MICHIGAN. Count] of Washtenaw O 88. Notice te herebygiven, that by au order of the probate oourt f or the oountj of Washtenaw, made on the 5th day of .antian ah. iSMi, six munt lis frora iimt dat wera allowed forcreditors to presenl thelr olafana agatnsl the estáte of Henry Uphaus, late of saiil county, deceased, and thai all ereditors of said deceased ara requlrod to present thelr claims to said probate court, at the probate office in the city of Ann Arbor. for examination and allow ance, on or betere the 7th day of July next, a.ui tlmt stu'h claüna vrtU be heard before gatd eourt on Thnrsday the rih day of April' and on Tbnraday the 7ih day of July next, at ten o'clock In the forenoon ofeacb of eaid daya Dated, Aim Arbor, Jannary 6th, A. l. I881 Vir.l.IMl). UAIiKIMAN. Jadee of Probate, Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OF mema AN. Oounty of Washtenan ss.- in the Matter of the Estáte c,r Russell HiifïKs, Incompetent. Notice is hereby elven, That,ln pursuance of nn ni'iliT Kranted to thn underelgned Guardian of sald [noorapetent, by the Hou. Jndgc of Probate the County of Washtenaw, on the tourtta dar of December A. D. ÏHS, there wlll be s,,id at Public Vonduc. to the hjghest bidder, atthe east front door of tl' courl house in the city of Ann Arbor, in the county of Washtenow ui aald state, on Baturday the twenty-tecond day of Jan nary I8S1, at ten o'clock in the forenoon ofthal (iaj tsitiijrrf tn all encumbrances by mortsage or otuenvlse extotlngal the time of the sale, the tol Ion Ing iescrlbed Real Estvte, wil : Twenty (SO) acres 011 tlie enst side Of tlie west half of the , Dorth east quarter of secttoa two ■-' in hywn four south flve ivist (Saline) washtenaw county. Michigan. myrhx wkbh DatwlDcc. Í, 1880. Ouardian. Estáte of Artemus T, Cook, Incompetent, STATEOF IICIIICAX. ConntV of Washtenaw ss. At b Bessii f the probate courl for the county of Voshtenaw, holden al theprobateof Bce, in the o(ty of Ann Arbor, on Saturday, the I8th day of December, In the fear ""■■ thousand eighthundredand elghty. Present, WlUiam ff. ftarrimnn, Judge o( Pro bate. in the matter "f the estáte of Artexnas r funk. Incompetent. On readingand Ulog the petition, dulv verified "i Lonisa Barber formerly Loulsa Cook Guardian praylng : ii.vt she niay be Ucensedto s'U certoin real estáte belongintr to sald Incompetent. Thereupon it Is oraered, that Tuesday the I8th day of January next, at ten o'clock In the forenoon, beasstgned for the hearing of sai'l pe tition;and that the next of kin of said Incompetetent, and all other persons Interested In said estáte, arereauired toappearal asessionofsaid .ourt.thcn tobe holden at the probate office, in the city of Ann árbor, and show cause If any there oe,whj the prayer of the rietiti r should not bc granted: And it is further ordered, that said petltioner give notice to the persons Interested in said estáte, of thependency of said petition. and the hearing Uiereof.bycausing a topyof thisordertobe publfihed In the axx Arbor Dk-mockat. a newspaper prirtted and circulateil in said County. three successive weeks pre vlous to siiid day of hearing, WII.LIAM D. HAKHIMAX. A t rtie copy . .ludge of Probate. Wii.i.iam ;. Dott. Probate Revistnr. Estáte of Nicholas McCarty. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waahtenaw O ss. Ai a Beorion of the Probato Court for the oounty of WashU'iiaw.holden at t&e probateofflc in the city of Aun Ai-hor, on Thursday, the !th day of December, in the year onethousand elgh) hundred and eility. Present William D. Harriman,Judge of Probate, In ttiematteroftheestate of Nlcholas McCartj deceased. Onreadingand filingt lie peí ilion dulj rerifled, I of Jamos H. Lyman, praybog rliat lié mav be i licensed tusell the Real Estáte whereof lid ,ii oeased died defzed for purposes of dlstribution and paymentof chaises and eneimes. la ordered, That Friday. the 7thdayor .lannary next, at ten o'clock in (lie forenoon, be assigiied for the hearing of Batd petition. and that the helra at lau' of said deceased and nll other persona in terested Ín said estáte, are reqnired to ajpear at a session of said court, then to be holden at the probate office, in thecltyof Aun Arbnr, and show canse, if any there be, whythe prayer of the petioooar ihonld Bol ttegranted. Anditia furtheronlcied.tliatsaicl peiitioner give notice to the persons intereeted [n snidesiati'.of tliependencyof said petition and the hearing thereof, by oauBlng a OOpy of this 01der to be pübUshed lu The J.nn Arbor Demoorat, a newspaper printed and eiroulated in said coonty three sncceftalve vreeka prevtoua t sail day of nearinff. WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN, (A true eopy.) Judge ..f Probate, Wm. ■. Dotï, Probate Register. Estáte of Conrad Jedele. STATIC OF MICHIGAN', Ooiinty of Waakte iiaw. ss. Ata session of the p'robate court for theCounty if Wa-shtenaw, holden at the pro bate office in the city of Aun Arbor, on Monrlay, tlie üTth day of .recember;n tlieyrarone thousand eight hundred and eighty. Present, WUllam D. Harriman, Jmlge of Probate. In the matter of. the estáte of ('onrad Jedele, deceased. On readlng and fiüu the petition, duly v.-rified, of Barbara Schwab praylng iliat admlnteiraiiiiii de bente non tn the üi annexed of : said estáte may begrantcd ti e. nrnd Krapf or sorae other BUilable peiiion. Thereupon, it isordered, thai Houday, the '-Mili day of January next, at ten o'clock in theforenoon be assigned for the hearing of said petition and for the ezaminlng and allowlng of tlie Final account of Frederick Pistorius. Execu tor of the will of said deeeased and that the heii's at law of sail deceaaed, and all otherpenonsinterasted in said estáte, arereqtrired to appear at a session of saiil court then tobe holden at the probate office in the city of Aun Arbor. and show cftnse' it 'any tliere bt why the prayer of the petitloner ahotüd nor be granted, and said Final account allowrd: And it is furthei' ordfrcd ihal Bald petltioner gjve notice to the persons interestcd in said estat of the pendeucy of said petition, and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of tliis onlcr to le published in the Aan Arbor Democrat, a newspaperprinted and clrculated in said county, three gucoessive weeks prevtoiigto said day óf hearWXLLIAM D. HAKR1MAN. [A trae copy.l Judge of Probate, Wiluam Q. Doi. Probate Refrtater Estáte of Jeremiah Kennedy, STATE OF MICHIGAN, Oountyoí Washienaw ss. At a session of tho probate court for thecoanty oí Washienaw, bolden at the pro bate ; office In the city of Ann Arhor, on Saturaay, the I llthday of December Intheyearone thousand ] eight hundrcd and ciliiy. Prtscnt, William I. Kamman. Judge of Probate. In tli e matter of thu estáte of Jcremiah Kennedy deeeased. On reading and filing the petition.dnly verifh-d of Pat riek Sneehey praylng ihaí a certain Instrument now on Ale in Ehisoourt purporting to be the last wiil and testament of said dtweased, may be admitted to probate, and that he may bti appoint-ed ezeoator tnereof, or tliat adiiiiuistratidii of siid estáte mav lw fa'anted to some snitable perspn sliould sncli will be refused probate. Tbereupon t Lsordered, that Monday, the lOth day of .lanuary aext, at tn o'clook in the foreDoonbeasBtgnedforthe hearing of múd petition. and that the denseefl. legaÊ668,and ueii's-at-hiw of said deceased andallother persona Interested ín said t'siatc. are reouiPdd toappearal aaeñrion oí said court,then to be holden at the probate office. In cily of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if anythere be, why theprarer of toe i1 titioner uhonld not begianted: And It is htrtner ordered that said petitioner give ootfeetothe peraonsintfiTstt-d in said estáte, f the pendencj ofaald peütion, and the hearing tiwivof. breaos I inga eopy f this (n-dtr to be publixhed in The .1 nfl Aroor Dt mvcrati a newspaper prlnted and clrculaUtd In said countr, toree succeastTeweelcs, previous to said dav of hearbur. WILLIAM l. HAKRTMAN. f A fcrueeon Judge of Probate. William ; Dott, Probate Bevster. Chancery Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, -The twenty-aeeond judicial circuil in ('huneei v. .snit pending in Uu ( 'ircuit Court for the countv of Washtenaw in Chancery at Arm Arbor, Michigan, ou the H'.th day of December A. D 1H80,- Mary A. Brainard, complainanl, va. Charles tí. Brainard, defendant, lt satisfaetorily appearing f rom theaflldawt OtJerome C. Knowlton, DOW herelread and flled in said court, thalj the said defendant, Charles 8. Brainard. is a non-resident of this state, and is a resident of, the state of Colorado. On motion of Sawyer .V Knowlton, of counsel for coinplainant, ii n ordered that the Balddefea daut. Charlea S. Brainard, caitso his appearance lnthncAU86to b6 enfcered withln tbree months trom the date of this order, to wit: On or before the r.'tli Uay of March A. D. l81, and tlmt in Oftse Of his appearance lie CMU6 liisanswer to comnlainant's liül to be flled and a copy thereof to be servpd on the complainant's solicitor in accorflanee with the rules and practice of this oourt, and that in default thereof the said bilí be taken as confessed apainst the saitl defendaut, Charles S. Brainard. and it is fuither nrdeivd that withIn twenty lays the salil complainant causo a notice of this order to be published in the Ann A Kitmt Demockat, a paper printed and publisliri in the county of VVasntenaw.aforesakl, and that said publication be continued in said paper, at least once in each week for six weeks in succes sion, or that he cause a copy of this order to be Íensonally served onthosaiü. det'endant, Charles i, Brainard, at teasi tweniy days before the time abov# prese ri bed for his appearanrc JAMES BicMAHON, Circuit Court Commissioner. in and fnr Washten aw county, Mich. Sawykr Knowlton, Solicitors for t'omplainant. TAKE NOTICE ! DOKT RUY iDOLLAlfS WOKTH OP GOODS HEFOIIE SEEING MY STOCK AND PRIGES. A FULL LINE IN Every Department. Men's, Youths', And Boys' GLOTHING G w mil Fnnísli dolí. JOK T. JACOBS, TlíE Cl.OTillK.ll. Ann Arbor. DRAKE'S OYSTER DEPOT 2O East HuronSt. Oysters Always Fresh and Cheap, Pure Wineg and Liquors for medicinal pnrpoeee. Cholcest branda oL CiEars always on hand SÏ5.-ÏOO REWAKD. Wc wfll ]ny the above rewnrd for any case of I.ivtT Complalnt, Dyspepala, Sii"k Headache, In digestión, Const i pation orCostivenesswe cannot cure with West's Vegetable Liver Pilis, vhen the direotions are strlctly complied with. They are purely Vegetable and never fail to give aatisf action. Sugar Coated. Large boxes, containing30 Pilis, 25 cents. For sale by all Druggist. Beware oí counterfoits and iiuitations. The gen uine manufac'ured only by John C. West & Co., "The P1H Kaken," ISl & is.i W. Madison St. Chicago. Free trial package ssnt by mail prepatd ureceiptof a 3 c#nt stamp THE MONARCH " CLARKEN'S BILLIARD PARLOR, tío. S N'oi-th Mnin St. Ann Arlwr. FrioDis, Come and See Me. GEO. CLAREEN, ■ ■ Proprietor, Swathel, Kyer & Peterson, FL01 ARDJP STOM. Wc have constantly on hand ALL KINDS OF GRAIN, FLOUR AND FEED, which will be promptly deliveied to anj' part ol the ' city. ; Office cor. Fourth aod .Vnn Streets, Anu Arbor - - - Mich. RINSEY & SEABOLT, No. 6 and 8 Washington &t., Ilav! ou hand a completo stock of ererythinginthe Grocery Line. They buy their Teas, CoiTiies, miel Su L: i - ín large amounts, and at Casli Prices And can sell at Low Figures. The large invoice of Teas they Buy and Sell. n good pruof tlmt in Quality and Price they Give Bargains. Tbcy líoast their opn CoflEees everv wetk, am' none but prime articlcs are nnofl. Tlitir B.ikervturns out excellent Bread, Cakes, and Craekei-d. Cali and see theni. The 1 Pu rest anti Best .Medicine ever Made. Acolmbination of HopS, Buchu, ManI d rak Ie ini Dunde) ion, uii il tiiftt mui ■ mMtcurative proporties of all other Bitters, ■ makesthet?mtest Blood Purlfler, Llver I Reg u lx tor " Uiü '"' tle Hvutoriug ■ A'.-nt onMi(arthl No disease c%an poaalbly lonff cilrt wbere Hop I Ui t U't-s are uaw"l, vai iud and perfect are theür I o ] ■ ■ r 1 1 1 1 ■ ■ u a . BB Thoj give nswliVe ani vigor to tl igS d Uflrm. Toallwhose e pployineuta cause irreguUri tyofthebowelsor%u"ittry organa, or who requircan Appetizci.Toiüc and mild Stlmulant, Hop Bitters are iuvl"Mi without IntOXIcating. aHH No matter whatyour f omelinRfl or syraptotns are what the dixease or ailWDent ís use Hop Bittvrs. Ion't wait uiitilyou%i ilt but if you nly fvt-1 bad or nuwi-Kblr,lUB0 tlieiu at once It may save your Ufe. It hasMs v o d hundredn. $500 will be paid fora caMï they win not eureorhelp. Do not suffer lorlet your frlendi suffer.but uno and ure tfn-m% Uw Hop B lif mciulKT, Hop Bitters is nTUe, drugud drunken nostrum, but the IMivKt n J liest Hedioine ever inatl(; the "WViUDS'WKPiD I and HOPE" ml no person or family flflfl sbouid be without them. ■■üibk Ê O .f.O.i- an absolute and Irresistible cureMB forbrunkeaiie}, use oí opium, tobáceo audlIH narcotica. A1J sold by drurRlsts. Scad f L.l for Circular. Hp BltUn mnj. Co., M Mfl


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