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CiTY ITEMS7 Lost.- Application papers for pension of John Springman. The finder will picase hand them to P, Pistorius, Ann Arbor. No. 6 North Main strcet is where A. D. Seyler has carried on the shoe busines for 14 years. A D Seyler's is the ouly place in the city, where Reynold Bros. U. T. K. celebrated fine shocs for ladics can be purcbased. You will fiud it to your advati tagu to cali on Adam D. Seyler when you want anythiug in the line of boots and slioes. He has them in every variety from a baby's slipper to the largest and Btrongest boot. House and Lot pou Sale.- A house and about four acres of ground on West Liberty street will be sold at a bargain. Any one wishing to purchase anice little home, will find it for thcir interest to address John Keck.or cali on him athis furniture rooms on South Main street, Ann Arbor, Mich. The genuine Hathaway, Soule & Harrington fine hand and machine sewed shoes can be procured at Seyler's. Every pair warranted to give satisfaction. Ambrose Kearney's restaurant is in ful] Wast during the day. It is just the place to get a square meal . Whcre are you going? Wliy, I am going to A. ü. Seyler's to buy a pair of boots, and shoc up the chilUrea. Hekeeps tbe best stock and hi.s prices are reasouabk for jood goods. - Ladies who are judgea 8ay thal Mack ! & Schniid's satín at $1.23 a yard equal those solí byanv other house for $1.50. Hack Line.- All orders left at Brown & Co. 's drug store, or at Haoirsterfer's State street restaurant will be promptlv attended to. Residence No. 10 Maynard street. Thad E. Thompson. - lf you want a good fitting cloak or dolman at a modérate price, go to Mack & Schmid's. Fancy holiday slippers for Christmas presenta, can be purchased at A. D. Seyler's No. 6 N. Main street. C. Weitbrecht has a few of those cele'jrated coal stoves left which lie will sell at cost. - A large lot of the best English ware to select from at A. Kearney's, 35 South Main street. Have you tried one of those Patent Bosom shirts, "THE EIGHMIE?" Joe T. Jacobs, the Clothier,ha9 sold about one thousand of them. Adam D. Seyler has a splendid stock of boots, shoes, and rubber goods to select from. Reed's gilt edge tonic for sale at C. E Holmes's, Cook's hotel block. The best place in the city to buy your wife or sweetheart a handsome pair of shoes for a Christmas present, is at Seyler's. - Reed's gilt edge tonic for sale by C. E. Holmes thedruggist. Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic prevenís Maaria. Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic restores the appetite. Bucklin's Árnica Salve. The best salve in the world for Cuts Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and ali kinds of skin Erup tions. This salve is guaranteed to givc perfect satisfaction in every case or tbc money refunded. Price 25 cents per box For sale by Eberbach & Son, Ann Arbor Mich. No more Hard Times. If you will stop spending so much on fine clothes, rich food and style, buy good healthy food, cheapcr andbetterclothing; get more feal and substantial tbings of life every way, and especially stop the foolish habit of employing expensive, quack doctors, or usiug so much of the vile humbug medicine that does you only harm, but put your trust in that simple, pure remedy, Hop Bitters, that cures always al a tiiflingcost, and you will see good times and have good health.-CAttmicle. Hurrah For OurSide! Alany people have lost thcir interest in politics and in amusements because thcy are so out of sorts and run down thal they cannot enjoy anything. If such persons would only be wise enough to try that celebrated remedy, Kidney-Wort, aud experienee its tonic and renovatin? effects, they would soon be hurrahing with the loudest. In either dry or liquid form it is a perfect remedy for torpid liver, kidneys or bowels.- Exchajige. S. H. Irwin, of Utc Creek, Colfax, Co., New Mexico, says:- My wife has been cured of a cough of thirty years' standing by wearingan "Only Lung Pad." Man's Noblest Work. Tuis is an age of great works and wonderful inventions. Steam, electricity, wster, air, are all made to serve man but unquestionably the greatostinventionsare those which preserve man's health and prolong his life, and among the greatest f these is Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. lts effects are truely wonderful and hundreds are happy to-day, who once looked forward to an carly grave. Por Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, loss of voice, Hay Pe ver, Hoarseneas, Croup or any affection whatever of the Throat, Chest or Lunes, Dr. King's New Discovery will positively cure We can cheerfully recommend it to all, and can unhesitatingly say it is a sure cure for Throat and Lung Affections. Trial botles ten cents ; regular size boules $1. For sale by Eberbach & 8on, Ann Arbor, Mich. ÉkTdneTpad THE GREAT DISCOTERY FOR DISBASES OT THE [IDNEYS, BLADDER AND URINARY 0R6ANS. A. remedy that will positively cure DIABETES, GRAVEL, DROPSY, 8RIGHTS DISEASE, HIGH COLOREO URINE, INCONTINENCE AND RETENTION OF URINE. NERVOUS IE8ILITY and FEMALE COMPLAINTS when NOTHINO ELSE CAN. Iti success provea the efflcacy of ABSORPTION. It saved the life of its diseoverer and is aavlnt the Uves of thousands of othera. For ■ale by Drugfristg or sent by mail on receipt of the pnce, ($3.00.) DAY KIDNEY PAD CO., Solé Proprietors, Toledo, Oblo. tSf Send your address f er our pampbiet, "How a Life was Saved. " For Sale by EBERBACH & SON. Druggists C. H. MANU S, ABSTRACT OFFICE. No excuse for a man who Buys a Farm with a Bad Title, or No Titleat All. Re quirethe man who would sell you his farm or would borrow money of you on a mortgage, to go to C. H. Manly 's office, in Ann Arbor, and get a full and complete statement of all Deeds, Mortgages, Assignmeats, Releases, Tax Titles, Attachi ments, Levies on Execution. Lis Pendens, Leases.' &c, &c, that affect the title. Yourlandsarebecoming valuable. and it wil) soonbetime to bring out these old claims for you to settle. Five dollars paid for an abstract is a better investment than fif ty dollars paid to dof end or correct a bad title. If you desira I will assist you in perfectingyour title at a reasonable rate. I have all the f aciiities for this work. Go to C. H. Manly's office and have your title examined and theerrors in the description corrected. Tehms:- Abstract of Title, first 8 conveyances. $2.00; each additional conveyance, 25 cents. We uiake no abstract less than S2.00. Oflïce ia Eegister office. _ Aun Arbor Michigan. Livery, Sale, AND BOARDING STABLE! I have opened a Livery, Sale, and BoardingStable opposite the CourtHouse on Fourth street, where livery rigs can be obtained at any time of the day or night. A fine lot of new carriages and good horses, at reasonablerates. Breaking colts and handling track horses a specialty ; good references given. P. Irwin, Ann Arber. JACKSON FIRE CLAY CO. Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe - AND-m:R,_A.i:isr TunisAll onr Drain Tile are made of Fire Clay, are of itiiuxunl Btrengtb and light wejght, which ma ;erially reduces the breakage and expense of transportaron. The dltching for this class of tiling is lessexpen sive, as they do not require to be laid belowfrost. but only deep enougli to escape the plow. While tliis IH more oconomical it also aids in obtainingia better 'f all" or grade to the drain. A full assortment of all sizes, for sale in small quantities, or car load lots, at the FEEDON LÍBER YABD. JAS. TOLBKRT, Agent.


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