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At Yostabunr, Montcalm cnunty, the hoiier of ashingto mili exploded with terrible force, doin; (freat damage U property, idlllngthree men and iiijiirintt tliicc otlicrs. Tlic mul was torn to splinters, and the rooi of a netabbi huae was crasbed. ïtie owner ol Una bouse, Mr. C. Conkrigbt, is reportod to have tx stantly killed, aud at tlie mili Frank FilkiDS, the euirineer, aud Frank Ainsly, tlie watchmnn, were also instan tly killed. Xhree otber men were injured. The ton tliat killtsl ('oü wat. the main part of the boiler, and was lilown more thau 0 rods. Low water eaused hy frozon pipes was Hip cause of the accident. The pecuniary loss is about $4000 or $4,000. The report of the 6tat swan.; land ram missioner recommeuds that great care De exercised in closing out tlie swamp land urant, In order that justice, as Tar xs ?09silli nmy bc done to that class of men who ara endeavoriug to develop the newer portions or the state. Tlie total nuuiber of acres of swamp laud paUntod 85 the statn in the lower península was 3,210,358 acres, and of this, on September 30, lStsO, tol'lie acres remained subject to ea)!. kOOl liveliest Christraas diversión at Adrián too place in a church where the coloreil oitieens are wont to congrégate tor worship. boteral sliades, animated by whisky, entered tlie acre(i edifice and coi'ducted Biemselwe veri slnfully, and au attempt to put tliem out led to a f ree lïght, in which ono man and awoman were kuocked down aiul one of the dlsturblng elements liberally slaehed with ft knife. General Manager Mulliken, of the !., L. N.R. K., has adopted a policy of encouraglng maiiufacturinii euterprises in the towns on the line ol the road, and tho result is proving mutually beneficial to the towu8 and the road The Lansing RepuMican publiahes a labio of the school census ot the state, showing tbat there are 50,221 chihlren of school ae Ül Michigan- an increase of 19,228 over 1878, The state sanitary conTeution will be held at fbe city hall, Flint, Jauuary25 and 26, onder the autspices of the state board of healUi. Sanitarians in the state and abroad are invited to be present. ...... „._. Bennett Haskell bas a new salt wen ai rori Crescent, whicli will soon be ready íor business. His Works havo a capacity lor maJdng 100 barrels of salt per lay. The ElkRapids Vroress says tliat a reraarkably brilliaiit meteor passed over tliat place. lts liirht alnioBt equaled that of the moou at ltsfulL Coinpaml with her sister states Michigan has held her own and Bomethins: mr in increase of population during the last decade. In 1870 she had a little less population tlian Georgia and Iowa,and a little more thaa North Caroliua and Wisconsin. In 1SS0 she has a little more than Iowa, considerably more tlian Georgia, ïennessee and Virginia, and nearly as much as Kentucky and Massachust'tts;while ber former couipetitors, North Carolina aml Wiseonsin, are left iu the rear. Duriug the ten years Michigan has passed Georgia, Iowa, Tenuessee and Virginia, and lias been passed by none. The census of nine 6tates- California, Colorado, Ulinois, Iudiaua, Minneeota, Mississippi, ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas- has not been oöicially reported. During the year now closing the piaster milis in the vicinityof Grand Rapidvnelutling those at Grandville, have got out about 45,000 ♦ons of land piaster and 41,000 barrels of stu c, maklnir altcgether a total production of about 62,000 tons, all of which has been sold or contracted for Twelve thousand tous of piaster were proJuced at Aiabaster. During the late cold snap the thermometer Is reported to have goue down 15 to 30 deg. below zero at pointe in Michigan. Tho eccentricities of Michigan thermometere on the night of the 28to and morning of ihe 2i)th are recorded as follows: At Quincy the mercury st"Od 21 degrees below zero, at Allegan frora lfi to 23 below- the lowest record for several years, at Marshall 25 below, at Ann Ai1 hor 20 below, at Centerville 20 below and not above 10 iiirintc the entire day, at Clare 30 below, and mauy persons frozen. At East Saginaw X below, at Adrián 1W below, Kalaniazoo 27 below, at Hills dalo it scored 21, at Ypsilanli 16 below and several cases of frost bitten huinanity are not ed, and at Telconsha 22, witli souie ambitious nstrunieuts marking it at 25. Frank Timmis, a young man of White Plgeon, who went to the South African diamond diggings in 1878, has returaed after having had a world of experienee and a little money. His partner at the diggings was Thomas Kogen, of Bay City. The members of the election board of Presque Isle county,charged with yiolating the Unilnid Stateseleetion lawsin refusing tocouut the returns from Posen township, had their examinatisn Vednesday and were discharged, tho commis8ioner holding tliat tlie returns, not living legully signet, wore do n'innis;, un. i therefore tlie board violated no law iu rejectlng thein. Twiee lately in Northpoit bas the town hall, in wbich the records of chattel mortgages are kept, been discovered on fne in the particular cuphoard where the mortgage records are. Ira Fullerton, of Roxand, Eaton Co. lias confesad to having killed Gilbert Ducher. Both men were farmers, during a quarrej Fullerton struck Ducher witb an ax, disembowelUng hini, so that he died. Dachei tras -ö years old. He leaves a wife and tliree childrjn. Fullerton is also uiarried. At Milwaukee a large nuinber of leading lawyers have signed a petiüou to havo Judge Cooley, of Michigan, appointeüto suoceed Justice Swavne on the United States supreme bench. Charles Glasgow, of Odessa, heard his brother wandering about the house in the night, and, thinking he was a burslar, sint himtwice before he found out his mistake. Tha wouuded man will recover. The following is the statement of the state treasurer for the month ending December 31, 1880: tíalance on hand Decemlir 1, 055 26; receipts for the uionth, 108,389 20; öisbursements for the month, $13!,21ti 07; bal ■nee on hand December 31, 1880, f1,405,1 Giro,the Peruvian witness iu the Christiancy divorce case, stated iu his testimony tliat v first met Mra. Cliristiancy on the steamer from Peru, on which they were both p;issengers. They were intimately acqualntfid on t!n voyage over, and were together mo4 of tlt t ï n i, always in the presenc of ottier passengere. He had in las posaession a handsome set of diamonds, to which Mr'. Chriütiancy took a great faDcy, and which he loaned her. She Ijroii'ilit them to Washington and wore tliem on ■ occasions last winter. Giro san Ibatbe i here on Christinas last year anl sent a note to Mrs. Christiancy, U which she ent r.n answer on the same day. She spent several honrs In his room at the St. James hotel. He afterward wrote to her for the diamonds, which she i turned, and they subsequently kept up a corresporulcnce. The lettere wiiicli Mrs. Christiiïóywrote Giro were all sent through a íriend nauied Jacksou, to whom they were addressed. , A fire at Jackson destroyed the old Marión house, which had heen made over into a blnck of stores, and the Allen Bennett block of four itores, the whole iuvolving a loss of 966,000, on which there is an insurance amounting to 45,000. The persons who subscribed towards the extensión of the Toledo & Ann Arbor railroad wlll be asked to extend their notes to July 1, In order to give the company time to eornplete the road, which they had hoped to be able to do by Jauuary 1. The Detroit, Lansing & Northern railroad wül sell round trip tiakete to Lansiug at two cents per mile Monday, Jan. 10, and Monday Jan. 17, good to return any da" of the week in which issued. Goveruor Croswell granted a niiinber of pardons just before stopping out of office. Tliey were as follows: Win. Cunningham, oonvicted of burglary at Detroit and sent up for seven years; C. G. Waldro, the wealthy Calhoun countyforger. who was sent up for five years: James W. Hnlbert, a Washtenaw county youth sent up for robbing his fathei ; Biichael Lynch, Kent county robber, in on a four years' Bentence: Wm. Roach, of Calhouu county, conTicted of attenipt at rape, and released on a promUe of letting whisky alone. (ov.-elect Jerome took ttie oath of office Jan. lst at 8 a. m., in preeenoe of Gov. Croswell and a few of the incoining Governor's personal frieuds, Chief Justice Marston ailndiiisteriug the oath. (ïov. Jerome then entered at once opon the duües of his office. The annual meeting of the Mchigan State Agricultural Society will be held in thi City of Jackson, January 10, 1881, and will arganlze iu Uie Hurd House parlore at 8 o'clock p. in. An oak log 85 feet long and Iwo feet in diameter at its smallest end was put lato Saglnaw bay at Ne Auiu Quam poinL ïliursday - the biggest oak log ever üoatod in that sectiou. Martin Drost, a milk vendor, was thrown from his sleiyh on Monroe stieet, Grand Rapids, aud at the same moment a heavy hose carriage, going to a fire, mme olons at full speed and ran over Drost, intlicting injuries from which he died in a few minutos. Drost leaves a wife and fivechildren in poor circumstancea. The snows and froets of October made good ice-ways aud 6leighing in the lambei camps, pnd in some sections the year's log-cutting is already completed. Luiiibciinen will get all the logs they want this winter. At East Saginaw, Saturday. Wells, Stone & Co.'s store burned; loss 460,000; insumí fur f31,000. lvl Bishop of Detroit figures out that during 18S0 thcre were in this state 104 murders and attempts at uuirder. Farmers' institutes, with the dates, namea of professors, etc, in attendanoe, arenoted as follows: Ionia, Jauuary II and 12, iJiof?. Johnson, Bell, Carpenterand Secretan Baird; Bangor, Van Buren couuly, January 18 and 14, Proís. R.C. Kedzi(',Coik, McEwnn, F. K.Kcdzio and Secretary Baird; Hudson.Leuawec c January Ui and 19, Secretary Baird, President Profs. J"lm on and Beal; Battle CreelT, i 20 and 21, Profs, Bal, Mcltaan, Johnson, Cassldy and Presi lenl Alilmt: Oxford, lid couiity, Februarj I and 2, l'rofs. Carpentor, Cook, E. C. Kedzie nul ('assidy; Vassir. Pebrüarj 8 aml 4, l'rofs. ('ook, Carpen ter, kbbot, Kedzie and Latta. The coroiu'r's jury t lnqufre into tlio Alpena disaster declare t-at the Bteamei w is ia bad ui and Uflseaworthy; tbat (he Ufe boati ware rettee bbo Qn8eaworthy;that tbesteamer was manned by Inexperlenced wiilors except captain aml mates; and t uit the (londrioli trajisportaüoi] compauy is censurable und Rhoufd lie liell jTsponsible tor ny and aü damages. At a ncw ycar's bflll in Sairinnw Peter Wells killed Heary Fishei m a quarrel by stábblng bini with a knife. A (Dan iiamed Nnrth was fined !r-" and cost in Carson City fn' leaving bis hors outiloors dl Dleht tii-d to a post with tho thennometet way down Mov? zero. Wm. S. Avery bas leased the uiiuw; 1 jprinffi of tiic Mt. Ciemens spring compaD) fora term of SU years A strange fatality happcncd at rtdison, Lpu:ivc' county, New Year's day. A hall was iiv en at a hotel and Id one of the sets Mrs. Cañuela NI and had lier band bcemted by her ]iisj;iiids lioot heel. Rapui inflnmmatioo set In, tétanos (lockjaw) followed aud iu 121iouils tho unfortonate wouiau was Uead. The new State officere, and tlie oíd f orce of deputies have leeu all sworn in. E. (i. Don allsoii is private eecrctary to Gov, Jeiome, and he has appQintfd as military aids Chas J. IVck of fort Huron.O. S. Wuruier and Frank H. Croul of Ietroit. Isaac McMJllan pleadtxi guilty oí forgery at Flint, and was sentenced to two years' imprisonment at Jackaou by Judge Gaskill. Peach buils are still alive in Wuhtonffw oouuty, according toa cominittee of exprt hudists who have been looking iuto the matter. Tlie Hon. O. A. Bowen, for many years deputy n tlie state laúd office and meiuber of the laat li'gislature, has been tokon to the Poutiac in9anoa-yluin. V présame that a good many people are not aware of the fací that there is a large amouut of imoccupied farming lauda situated iiar ttif Marquette and Mackinac railroad line, aud but few miles from St. Iguace, vrhich may lie had at moderate pnces. Some of these laads are ooneidered the most fertile in the stilte, having a mixture in the soils of clay and liinesUine in large tracts, while olhera are ol clay loam, good for raising al most any character of cropB. Some of these lauds hare been tested in u large measure with cereal and vegetable crups, and the yield has been surprisincIv irreat. In hort. we do not think any somer located or more productive farmiiitr lauda eau be found in the northwest, and it will be a Rood investment for those piirties who sliall select and occupy these lands before tln prices for the same adva ce to a point witboat the reach of iiiiiny of the poor in purse who would be farmers. Mackinac county holds out ïnany inducements to new settlers who would enSHge iu farming. - From tlut St. Ignoto s iitiael. The game laws close tue shooting season til the uiiddle of Joly next The senate Republican caucus nominate( Edwin S. Hoskius of Bfillevue, for aecretary Charles C. Hopklns of Dtroit,for assistant sec retary, Wllliam Crossett of Ionia, lor sergi'aiit at-arms. The house Republican caucus noin naitMl Setli C. Moftat of Traverse City for speaker, Daniel L. Orossman of Williamston for clerk and William K. Cbilds for sergeant at-arms. Bay City Press: To one not familiar with tlie spectacle, it iooks quite novel to see a loug white rond of ice windiog its length UirougB the woorts, tlirougli Blasblñfjs, over and around liüls and aeross plaius, on eitlier side of which there is not a yiartip.le of snow to whitdii tlie earth. Many such roads have liefin fonneil in tlie wood9 tbe preseut wintr, and over them great loads have been hauled by a sin{le team, loada ranging froni -J,5!J0 to 5,500 feet. These roads are renewed dailj. tlu sprrukliii!; cart being put on at ulght after ttie daj's hauling een BCCompíígbecL Jobbers prefer ice roads Umi made and renewed to snow nada, because tbsj wear better and permit of drawing Jiirger loads with single teams.


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