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An Austral un steamer brinca the parttcul.irs ot tiie naasaabre of Capt. Roñer and four of the crew of theship Rand Fly lo sho South Sea slancls. The nativos of Rito surritlsed 1 1 1 - boat's crew while in batliiufr KoA pursued them into the woods or killed thulB n the water, maiilaUng the bodies of tho slaio, and torturjBjr those captured alive roastiug at the siake. England'l Christmas was as warm as summor, with thrushes Buiging, and violeta bk omlag in tho gardens: no sigu of frost or sdow tliis winter except in tbe illustratious of the 'Christmas numben." A nninber of railway trains in Scotland are inilmiili-din snow bauks, The Rothschild partnership, which expired Sept. 80 last, lias been extended to the year 1905. An address to the British nation, asking it to grant iudependence to the Transvaal, is receirtDg maiiy signatuns in Holland. The Boers won several successes, includmg theocoupationof IHsrby, and the capture of 26 British soldiere at Pocbefstroom. Disastrous floods in Derbyshire, England, hare Rtopped the cotton milis and throwii sevenil huiidiecl vvorkmen out of employuient. Tlie Boers have captured Major Clarke, police coinniandnnt at Rnafe, and 20 men who were occupying tbe court house at Potchefstroom. It is rumoreU tnat t'ie Boers occupy Pretoria and the troops have retired to tlie fort. A party of Boers, 1,200 strong, attempted on tho lMh to capture a postoccupied by 'M) ilritish soldiers, hut were repulscd with loss of seven killed and many wounded. The state trials in Ireland make slow proíH'ess and excite couiparatively little interest The dykes between Nieuwkuik and Vlj men, proviuce of North Bratnact, Hollaud, are broken, and IS yillages flooded. The dauiage by iuundalion is inimense. A committee for the relief of the eutïerers bas been fornied. The first detachmeut of entfineers and workmen will start January 5 to prepare for the conimeucement of tbe Panama canal. The mayor of Athenshas telegraphed to the mayor, of London the discovery of a complete chef d' oeuvre of Phidias, the statue of Minerva Victoresus. The porte has resolved to masa 100,000 troops ontlieOreek frontier and concéntrate forces at the othor pointe. Advicos from Sierra Leone dated the 12th inst. are as follows: From Sherbro news comes of contiuued ftghünf! between the Galltina and Tamet tribes. The slaughter on both si.lcs was very great. The pnsoners were eitber killed or put to horrible tortures Viennaand Coustantinople dispatches concur in reportine the collapse of the arbitratlou scheme. Tbe yienna correspondent asserts that the porie will formally reject arbitratinn. and, ahaudouiug the idea of a counter proposal, will allow things to taketheir course. The question is wbether hostilities will be postpoiifil uutil March or begiu now. The final issue, war, seems to bo uext to a certainty. A dispatch from Cork says that the want of employment is feit, and nowhere more keenly I hun in tluis districts where the agitatiou bas Uikiii the greatst hold. All prisouers for debt in Scotland were relüased at tuldnljfht Friday in pursuance of the act passed at the last sessiou of parliament. The annories of London are strictiy guarded in consequence of news of a Fenlan plot to seize the arms. A forcé of Boers has entered the territory of Natal, and intond to opposp the British ad vanee from the Natal side of tbe Drakeubergh rivir. The Germán emperor directa that the most stringent measures hc taken to prevent the repeütion of the anti-Jewish rioto. A duel with swords was fought recently in Frauce beeweeu MM. Uraux and d'Intreville.


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