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The lions in AJgeria are fast climiniahing in riumbere, and will soon doubtlees, become extinct. Tometthe increasing demand for fuirs and zoological gardens, lion-breeding eetablishments are coming into vogue iii Iliat country. A Monsieur Loitel has been reccntly dredging in the Sea f Galilee. It lias a depth öf more t-haii eight hundred feet, and contains twelve species of fish. The inajority of these species have the singular habit of hatching eggs and sheltoring their yonng in their mouths. The sumnicr reaidenne of fr. Ui rbert Eaton, located at Barber's Beach, near ('alais, Me., was saved from Imniing recently ly Mr. Eaton's houfie-oal pawing hini in the face. AVliea he awoke his room was on fire, and had it not been for his cat he might have perísIkhI with the house. "Who does not feel lost in aniazeinent when realizing the fact tliat a gnat's wing, in its ordinary flight, beats nejirly a thousand times in a minute, or tliat tliere exist animated and regularly organized beings, many thooaands of whose bodles, laid close together, would not cover an incli in space.


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