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Ingenious Escape

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oner, who was recently being conveyed trom Kieft' to Odessa to undergo trial by court martial, contrlved to comniunicate with two lady friends and to arrange a plan of escape. He was in the custody of two gendarmes, who sat one on either side of hiin, and, as is usual in sucli cases, uad attached theinselves witli chaina to the prisoner's manacles. Soon aft er leaving Kieff two ladies satered the next eonipartnient, and having in course of time received pennissiou to enter the part of the caniage occupied by the gendarmes, proceeded to regale the latter with gome dainties froíri a traveling bag. The ladics were not only generous bnt convivial alsO. They sang as wet] as ate, and smoked cigarettes as well as quaffcd tiny goblets of vodky. Toward evening a tumbler of tea Was proposed at one of the minor stations, and the entire party, with the exeeption of the prisoners, partook of the cheering beverage. ïhe. gendarmes iniinediatcly afterward feil sound asleep. In this state they remained aeveral hours, when the train having reaehed the star tion of Vinitsa, the g'uard went to the door to examine the sleepers' tickets. Touching the prisoner by the coatsfleeve, the official was surprised to find hini only a garment, slightly sustained by an inside wrap to represent a person sunk in slumber. Alaruied, hé shook the drugged gendirmes until he got them both awake. The prisonex had slipped hia chaina and his traveling coat and hat, and disappeared from the scène with his two confedérate.


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