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Real Estate Transfers

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Thefollowiug are the transfers of real estáte for the week ending Wednesday, Jan. 12: WARRANTÏ DEBD8. John P. Fuller to Frederick Kerfess, lot 12 b 39, Manchester, $300. Fred Besimer to Wm. Neithainmer, lot 15 b 4n Hurón street, r 3 e ,$850. Anna Hamilton to Wm. R. Hamilton, 160 acres sec 17, Salem, $8,500. Margaret Madgett to John Ross, property ia Ypsilanti, $50. Margaret Madgett to John Ross, property in Ypsilanti, $500. John Madgett to John Ross, property in Ypsilanti, $325. Jno. M. Slater to Jno. V. Sh eehan, property in Ann Arbor, $2,500. John Cllins et al to Martin Brening, 30 acres sec 16 Augusta, $1,025. E. T. Walker to Mary A. Ham, lot 6 b 3 Salem Yillage, $2,000. Jno. G. Reale to Jno. Roller, land in sec 36 Scio, $950. Clara Webb to Isaac N. Conklin, lot in Patee's add Ypsilanti, $200. John Van Gennip to John Geddes, 30 acres sec 1 Sylvan, $900. QCIIÏ-C1.AIM BESD8. Lyman Wiard to Geo. D. Wiard, land in sëc 11, Ypsilanti, $1. Geo. D. Wiard to Lyman Wiard, saine description, $1. Medad F. Crittenden to Chas. R. Crittenden, land in sec 13 Ypsilanti, $1. Mary Brown et al to Jenette Crittenden 20 acres sec 14 Ypsilanti, $1. Sheldon Crittenden, to Chas. R. Crittenden, same, $50. Edward Crittendeu to Chas. R. Crittenden same, $1,500. Robt. B. Deviney to Jas. T. Honey, lot 15 N. H. Wing's sub-division b 6 Dex ter, $1,000. Gottlob Zeeb to Albert Zccb, 96 acres sec 35 Pittsfield, $2,250, Jno. J. Robison to F. D. Cumings, 25 acres sec 16 Sharon, $1.