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The various packages of specimens which we receivefrom a distance, show :he defects of Imperfect packing on one hand, and the perfection to which t rnáy be CaiTiëd on the other. The essentia] recpiisité for succeesful eonveyance, Is to hars the fruit kicased su tight in the Ixjx that no sliaking br jaring wili canse it to rattle. A 1kx ot' grapes was sent us; the bUQCheï had been neatly placed in it, and soine unoccupied spabo lelt in ihu box above the fruit. In a fevr hundred miles transit, it has been well shaken or tümed over péfhaps a thonsand times, OT at least of ten enough to reduce all the grapes to a shapeless mass of pulp. If a bambee of bunches or specimens are sent, each should be wrapped separately with cotton or other suitable material, so that every jar and ïnotion will eany fruit and packing altogèther. We fecBLVfed lately a mail box of grapes. The bunches had been placed in the Iwttom, and the space in the box above coinpactly tillel with newspajer. Here the ]acking and fruit were separate, and the berries were all more or less beaten and injurel. If the bunches had Ijeen encased inside the packing no trouble would have oecurred. In another instance, the value of good packing was shown on the reeeipt of a lew specimens of ]eachc-, l'roin a distance of a thousand miles Ka'h peach was tirst wrapped in a lew thicknesses of soft paper; then witl i'otton half an inch thiek; this agaii with paper, half an inch or more thick on each side. The fruit has doubtíés had many t unibles in the mail bags but it came %vithout any injury what ever. Soft fruit will of conree fare wors than bard, but the latter may Ije easil s[oiled in packages of much size. Ai instance - a half barrel ot' Hartlett pears were well put up, the pressure of th head holding all flnniy together. But single mistake spoilel the whole; th packer placeil a handsome but soft jea among the reat in filling, and this sooi giving way on the journey, and lecoin ing a shapeless m;uss, left a vacaney il the barrel, loosening the rest and eaáJ ing all to rattle, bruiseand spoil. Ther are some skilful cultivators of trui trom whoin we oeeasionally receiv specimens, which, through good pack ing, always come in perfect eondi tion. In this connection, the premiuins ot fered this year for the best packe 1k)xis of fruit at Covent Garden, Lon don, are worthy of mention. Thecom peting sjeciinens were to le deliverw from a distanee not less than twent_ miles. In this country of long dwtanee. this should be greatly extended. Th flrst irize was awarded for a lxx o grapes, the Iwx being lined with sofl dry inoss at the bottom, covered wit' a sheet of tissue paper; on this th grape, which weighed 18 pounds, wer placel. The sidex were similarly treat ed. Two and a hall' dozen peache were paeked in a shallow x, th fruit first wtapped separately in papei and tnen packed tirnily with Waddluj Strawbenies were packed in mulljerr, leaveH, a ni(xle adopted by all tlte com petitors. In the package of grafM which received the second prize, they were tied to the side of the box, wit tissue paper and a layer of wadding beneath; but it strikes tis this treat ment would not be a guard against th tumbling over which oecurs on rail roads. The second prize peaches wer flnniy packed in wadding only. VV obtain this information ft-om The Gar den. If prizes were offered in thi country at our fairs for the best speci meiLS of packing extra line fruit fo market, it would unquestionably be th means for effecting important iniprove ments, and such exhibitions would b examined with great interest by fruit


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