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Real Estate Transfers

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The followiog are the transfers of real catato i'ir the treek eodlng Wednesday, .Jikh. 10: sv.vku.yntï dkeus. Win. II. uid Hark Randcll lo Addison : Corycll, land in sec. 1 Pittsfield, $1,500. Elmei S. Cushman to Miio A. Roie, ! 130 acres hoc ;',.", :f aml :J4 Slinron, $9,170. Michael Comeskey to Frank Comeskey, 70 acres sec 21 Northlield, $3,500. Geo. A. Robertson et f.1 to PreJorick Girbaek, property in Chelsea, f75. Geo. A.. Robertson et al to John Rach, property in Chelsea, $50. Rebecca K. Beekman to M. 8. Hall, property in Ypsilanti, $50. Jacob Sigler to Margaret Harria, 28 acres sec 2 Dextcr, $700. Wm. II. Wbttmareh to E. J. Gtoodlng, land in York, $200. Daniel LeBaron to Elbcrt S. Tate, land in sec 22 Bridgewater, $4,400. Cbas. H. Kempf to Hilo Baldwin, village lots 2 and 4 b 20 Congdon's third addition, Cbelseu, 1,250. Geo. B. Denner lo Edward Ilammel, 9 acres sec 14 Lodi, $1,2000. Geo. H. Satterla to John Kss, 9 acres sec 14 Lodi, $1,200. Nicholas Stafford lo John Uraum, 80 acres sec 17 Superior, 85,000. Louis Fritz. to J. George Reulc, land in sec 30 Aun Albor town $:'5ü. Alva W. Hardy to Lytnan Burnham, 40 acres kcc 40 Augusta, $ - . QUIT-CLAIM BEÏDS. Joba Gay (by heirs) to F. W. Mtyers, land in sec" 20 Salem, #170. N. W. Cbcever to Juo. Keek, s 1-2 lot 7b 4 s Hurou street $1. Milton AL and Estulla Uilion to Alfred Daveoport, land iu sec 20 Vork $81. Wm. A. fttoore to Öheffleld B. Newton. lot 5 private buiial ground in sec 20, $20. Emily M, Bcott to Sarab ÍS. Jaynes, lots 1 14 and 13 l ■ l Cowaii'f add Manchester 600. Sarah M. Sausum to Hudson AUbru, 130 acres sec 9 Salem, $850. TimotUy I(. Amsden to Edward Qammol, 9 acres sec 18 and 14 Lodi, si. Fbilip Blum to W. W. Beman, property iu Ann Arbor city, $00. Frederick Schmid Jr.. to A. L. Xoble, (the Muohlig Store) Aun Albor. !fl,000. Lyinun Burnham to Alva V. Hardy, ! luna i sec 8(5 Augusta, $1.