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And as to the question of patriotism, spe.iking iiow for niyself alone, I must say it seenas to me that the most patriotic thing an Englislimaii can do just now is to help in drawing as close as possible the bonda whlcb unitehis country to the United States. Unhappj ly as I think, the imperial or anti-eontinental policy (as I believe t is called,) in Canada is not workinginthisdirection. The determination of both political parties in the Dominion to construct, at an enormous cost, the long sectlon of the Canada PaciHc railway to the north of Lake Superior can bear bnt one pretation in vol ving the possibil ity In the future of hostilities between the two countries An Phiglishman's first wish should be to make this impossible, and I do not know how he can -do this better than by sending all tliat can be spared of our best blood into the United States. The objection to this policy here takes inany shapes, but is really founded on jealousy of the growing power and prosperity of tlie United States, and a fear less they should outstrip England ia otlier ways as decisivelyas they havealready done in t!ie extent of their home territoiy. Such jealousy may be allowed to be natural, but is neither wise nor dignifled. We do not admire a father wincing at tliesuccess of a son who has built up for hiinself a bigger business than that of the oíd iirm, or has acquired more acres than are ímmbered in the paternal estáte. Why should we regard as patriotic Ín a nation what is only contemptible in an individual ? And again, speaking for myself only, I am free to admit that the resolve arrived at, without reference to any but economical considerations, to make the experiment in asouthern state was particularly welcome. What we English want, looking to the future is, not only that Engtand and America should befast friends, but that the feeling of Union in the state themselves should be developed as soundly as posaible- that all wouads Bhould be healed, and all breaches oioeed, finally and forever - tot the sake of our race and of mankind. Much still rernains to be done for tbis end, and I am convlnced that a good stream of Englislnnen into the southern states niav and will material help on the good cause. !no jMigiisiiinan, aeeording to his poweia añil opportunities, worked barder than 1 by tongue and pen, twehty years ago,againxt the cause for whlch the soutiiern states staked all that was dearest to them, in their struggle to break up tlie nation and perpetúate slavery. I held tlien, and hold still inoru Btrongly tlian mn that thoy wwre n the wrong, and that thelr success would havo boen the greatest noiflfortuno the wdild could have snfifered ín out time. But 1 am glad now, by tending Buch small belp as I can, to build up gome of their waste places, to show my respect and good will t'or a people of Jínglish blood, who fouglit through one of the gallantest flghts of all liistory, againstoverwheliningodds, though


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