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Sudden Death Of Aaron L. Feldkamp

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Aaron I.,. Feldkamp is dead. Slicll was ilic Btartliog anñouncement made on iLe gtreets Tucsday aftcrnoou mul the newa Boon spread tlirougb tlic city. Expressious of regrct at his death were heard in inany place?, for he was i man wLo liad scores of f rienda nol only among the Hermans luit uuiuiig Americana as well. Ou Mouday afteruoon lic lefl his house in the lOWüatlip of Saline, aud went to Briilgcwater Station od üUbíucbs. - Jt was hure iie niet wiih the accident wjlicll raust".! his ilvalli. He Bhppcd and feil stiiking the hack of his heud ou ihe ice. He wan carned Lome aud diotl Ihe follow ing moruiugi Mr. F. eame lu Ihis couuiiv fruin (ernianv abottt 40 Jiais ago and willi his pareuls uettled in tlie towuslii of Freedoni, where he residwl unlil alter his inarriage, wucn he puicliased a l;ni I of l;ui(l and lonk lip hi residcilCfl in Saline lownship. He W is a man of in üomiUible euergy and peise érente and accuinulülud alargv fortune lor a [armer, uwuiug tl Ihe tune of his ilealh öi U aeren of as guud land a tlier-j is iu Ihe eounty. Öoou aller uachinj; hib inaj jrily he I ideiilitied liniself wilh Ihe üumuCralic pirty anti wascalled upou u till ncvurul ollieis. A lillle over a year ago a ïepuüluan Iniiinl of supervisors elcclcti hiui one of the supelinlendeuls oí the poor, wllicil posilioi! he dischaigeú lailhlully, aud wiüi au e,e single lo the good of the laxpayers. The supeiïuleudents ol ihc poor weiu iu sessiou when the news of his dealli reached tüeui aud as thcy ex pecled every luouienl to see hiin they eould liardly realize il was true. lle was kind and generous to the pooi, and had u kind word for everybody. In the probale court hu waseugagüU in seltling up uo Ijss than eight eslales, for uo mail bel j ler enjoyed the couüdyuce of the people. He leaves a wife aud seveu chüdrcn lo uiourn his sudden deuiise. Mr. Feldkaini) was about ,0 years old. Fiom ihe orgunization of the Washtenaw mutual insurancc couipany he was une of the directora. Funeral lo-morrow ai ten o'clock from liis late resiilence. KESOLLTION At a regulai meeting of the superiuteudents of the pour of Wabhteuaw couuly, held at llieir oth'ee at the, uu Tuesday, Blaren lst, the following actiou was taken; Jksolced, That wc have heard with profoiuul scusibility and sorrow oí the bUtideu dealü of our late esteemed otticial associale, superintendent Aaroo L. Felctkavnp, and we enter iu our minutes the lullowiiig leetamunl&l: Lu our official iulercoinse we hitve fouiid Mr. Kelükamp a man ol sound, judjjmeut, marked intcgrity, and frank, uut spoken COItvictions, more anxious to bc nght than lo please, aud in ever walcüt'ul guardián ol the luterests of liis coustiluenls - such a man as possesses .sterling value. Üocially atïable, kind hearted and trae, he was a saté and plcaaaul couipauion. Iu his dculh we have lost hu efficiënt aud valucd official associate, the poor have ost a truc friênd, and society a model cilizen. We feel lüat lo his faniily the blow is crushing, and the loss irreparable. We tender tueni our warmesi syuipalhy iu iheirgreat sorrow, earneslly praying that lie who has provideiiliallyordeied tuis suddcu beieaveinenl, will comfort aud support them iu lliis Uuur of their keeiiest ! sorrow. lkwlad, Thai the couiity papers be re(juested lo publish llus extract trom our minutes, and thal a copy of tbe saiue sigued by the Burviving niembers of the board be scut lo the ainily of Ihe deceased.


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