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Dr. Donald Maclean And Homeopathy

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It is well knowu lo the peoplc of this city, and to bu&dreds of studente who have attcnded the dcparlment of medicuie and surgery , that Dr. Donald 51acleau is a bitter euemy of homeopathy ; tbat he oever pcunils au opporluuity to pass, parlkularly at leclures, to cry it down, and so far did bc go last wiuter that his owu Studente becauic disgusted at bis tirade of abuse, aud even sant tliut if Maclean was going to devotu in tin: future so mucu of bis linie lo matten outside of whal be was bired lo leaeh, Ihey shouldgo to sonie otber medical college lo complete tbeir educatiou. Aud because, forsootb, we have oceas ionally publUbed ncws ïelalivc to tbc homeopathie collego aud hospital, lliis same Macizan calis THK Dkmocuat the organ of the homeopaths, forgetting that every opcraliou he perforuis, litlle, big uud indilïerent, is lucntioned iu the j umus of the Couiier or Kegister, and oc casiunally alluded to by the tramp printer u lus sbeet, to Ibe exclusión of anytbinj; aud cverything occurrins in the homeopathie college or hos))itul. When it is kuown thai MftcleaD lclijfhts to sec his name in the newsnaper, the public will uot bc astouished al his rushiDg into print on the slightest pretext to denounce homeopathy, and those who are Cmployed to teach this great scieuce, uiercly for the purpose of parad in hi wonderlul surgical operatious bef ore tbc people. 'l'hosc who heard the doctor's lectura for tbc benefit of the reform club will bear witness to the above statement. Now this doctor says in bis article in the Itegisler yusterday that "Tuk Ann Akiiok üemocrat bas loug bceu recognizcd as the organ of the homeopathie college." What have you to say of those uewipapers that have devoted so much valuable space to operations you have performcd, whileduriiig theexistencc of the homeopathie college scarcely a notice lias ever appeaied iu a paper n thii city except The Dkmocuai ? We cvidently stcpped on I)r. Uacleau's corns last week, allhough M tbO time we never drcained ít would arouse bis iré when we called attention to the senior examinaüons in tlie two módica] schools. But we art: HOW al)li! lo understar.d wliv he tkes il lo heart. and those who ruad the queslions in Thb Dkmockat will more ful ly appreciate and perhapa pity llns docloi'spredicainent. Dr. Uacle&u lias vlolated awell knoWn mie of the uoivereity, in pultlicly al tackiog h professor in anotber departniciii, for which he Bhould il' held respousible. Kor the board of regen ts sbould not permit a professor to override their own acts, for if ii is permitted in one cuse (wtaii'ly othor professors sbould havo the rigln of defense trom public alfrom whoever it may come. If Dr. Mackan or any olber professor knowa .inythinir in opposition to the "iuternal eoonomy of the homeopathie college" w aucb au esleni that tsliould "lx: thoroughly, and Impar tlally venillaled" he, being "in a position to aid in that work ;u anyliiiir,' sbouid 1 t nol make Ihe atateuients to ihe board of regents, and not injure the siatus of the uaiversity ly paratting I these charges in the publi: print? We luive iiilerviewed Dr. Kianklin in rclatiou in liis gurgichl operations, and especial ly ainputatione of ibe fooi mul bc referred us to the publieheti recordb in the medical archives al Washington; in which he has performcd this and likc operalions a score or inore of linies, Certainly ))r. h'ianklin 's reputation ín ihe arniv as a skilllul surgeoO eannot possibly l)e injured by any suth inaliciotta statements as Dr. Maclend ha, and u dispofod lo make. Maclean'-a sickuess ís jeatouty.


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