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Uut few pharmics hare been ottccinated. Detroit tailors are measuriug students for spring suits. Next Wednesday tUe resients will hold a special meeting. Today is the day of prayer with 80 inolined at the university. A number of freshmen were "stepped on" in the late Latin examination. Today a large number of Hts went (!) Toledo to have their pictures taken. Those who subscribed for univt-rsity views are beginuing to receive them. Prof. Vaughan began giving the junior pharmics prescription writing Monday. At the last meeting of the Prescott senior lyceum H. F. McCrea was elected critic. G. II Fletclier is the Psi Upsilon delégate from this chapter to the convention to be held in Chicago next May. "Religión and Scholarship" was the subject of Prof. Campbell's discounie in university hall Sunday afternoon. The Hts and laws met last Monday at 4 o'clock in the luw lecture room, and were vaccinated bj medica delegated for that purpose. H. C. Richardaon has been elected a delégate from this chapter to the Sigma Phi convention to be held in Scheuectady, N. Y., to-niorrow. Mr. H. H. Kingsley, of Kalamazoo, has been appointed by the lecture association to lake the place of F. McNam ira as seuioi committeeman. Prof. C. K. Adams will deliver the next lecture before the reform club Tuesday evening March, 8 at the opera house, on the "irish Land Troubles." The studeuts will nol have the pleasure of listeuing to the "Spauish Students and Kate ThayerCo,," as they had expected, because the company have disbauded. Dr. Kellogg, of Battle doek, read a paper Thursday eveuing last before the medical and surgical assoeiaiion, on the use of remedies nol medicinal iu their nature. Dr. H. C. Adams, instead of giviug the advanced course in Political Ecouomy as intended, has decided to lecture onthe subjects of Fiuance, Frce Trade and Tariff. The senior pharmics had their examination in urine Tuesday afternoon and begin toxicology this week, some working in the basement in which medies are now testing unknowns. Last week Prof. Calvin Thomas was summoned to nis home in Lapeer by the serious illness of his sister, Mrs. White, who died the day following his arrival. His classes were exeused until further notice. The next entertainment at university hall will be an especially atiractive one. It is a galaxy of flrst-class artists. Wilhelmj, the violinist; Sternberg, the famousRussian pianist; Letitia Fritch, the popular soprano. Some of the young ladies of the university are indiguant at the i'alladium because a society, supposed to exist among them and to which no gents neeiiapply, has been dubbed "The Cats. " The fur oüght to fly. W. Mack Wooster, formerly of '81, and who left to take charge of a Dowagiac papor, was last November injured in a railroad smash-up at Decatur. Report comes that the other day he received from the Michigan Central $5,500 in settlement for all injuries received. The report of the secretary and treasurer of the Chronicle association shows that its financial status was better at the close of the last semester thaa it has been for some years. The amount in the treasury is larger by far than the sums left by previous boardsat the corresponding periods. Henry Ward Beecher will not lecture before the studen's. Esport says that last week he aunouneed to his congregation that he had cancelled all lecture appointments and proposed to devote his energies to a religious revival in his church. If this is true, we will not hear the great Congregational preacher. One day a patiënt is operated on for ovariotomy and it is heralded forth that a tumor weighiug so many pounds was successfully removed Jby Maclean. 8oon after the patiënt dies, and an efïort is made by the authorities at the allopathic hospital to keep the notice from appearing in the newspapers. The last dealh in the allopathic hospital oceurred Sunday. The following are the uffleers elected by the W. C. T. U. of the university: President, Miss Clark, literary department; vice-president, Miss [Tnderhül, lit erary department; secretary, Miss Andrews, medical department; treasurer, Miss Harding, literary department; executive committee, Miss Curtis and Miss Mitchell, literary department; Miss Long, medical department; Mrs. Kicks, homeopathie department; Mrs. Moody, dental department. The Uuiversity, the oigan of the professional schools, xecently appointed a committee to confer with the Chrouicle as to the advisableness of consolidating the two papers. They have not met the Chronicle authorities as yet; but the Chronicle is said lo be quite coy in the wholu courtship, becaase she thinks that the college can support two papers, and thíit the thirteen editora demanded by the University are too many The lits are so strongly opposed to hawng a catiimiran on the campus that the University committee don't urgu their suit very strongly. The annual banquet of the Kent Chaptor of the Pui Delta Phi society of the university took place at Hangsteifer's last Friday evenlng. An address was delivered by Judjje Cooley. The folio w ing toasts were responded to: "The Phi Delta Pui," Hon. Geo. H. Hopkins, '71 ; "Class of '82," Richard Yates, '82; "The Lawyer," Judge C. J. Walker; "Booth Chapter," W. A. Paulsen. '80; "Our Alumni," J. D. Ronan, '71; "Keut Chapter," Q. 8. Fuller, '81; 'Our Sister-inLaw," Prof. Kent; "The Newly Fledged Lawyer," T. P. Williams, '81; "The Class of '81," G. M. Hitchcock, '81: "Our Re-uuions," E. G. Embler, '79. Jacob Vanderwaker, a respected citizen of Ann Arbor for over half a century, died this morning. The pioneers were given a splendid diuner by the citizens of Dexter yesterday. The meeting was very largely attended. Charles Frederick Stveet, of Ann Arbor and Miss Mary tiff, of Chatam, Cantida, were married yesterday by the Rev. Dr. Haskell. Constable Gidley ser ved papers yesterday ou Besimer & Co., C. Lelfler, Jobn J Koch, and C. Hausser, who are charged wilh violating the liquor law.


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