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Major Harwood, wii lias been exanilnlm the (rand livor belOW rand Raplds for Uio purpose r detenulnlog wuetlier its iinproveuient. fo as to makn t navlgable to tiuit city, la teaslble, reporta tbat he bas Bot come to a conclusión, but recom ineuds nn approprlation of .Y2j,ihK) to dreditea cbaonel 100 feetwliieaud tour feet deep Iroin Orand Rápida to deep water. üaitlo ('rooi' is preparing to celébrate the Beml-centennial of its firat setihMiirut. Spotte.l fover has lirokeu out in Hyron. Kent riitinty, tbree ChUdren of the fauiily of Hirain Tbompsou bavlQgdled cftt within n week. A. Banitary couvennoii will lie held in Batllfi Creek, March 2ít aud SO, uuder the ausplces of the stat a lioard of health. Wiltiur Long of Charlevoix, iu Grand Rapids, was kiKH-kfd down and roblied. A Wow on Hit head from Home blmit instrument stonned ti i rit aud his oondlttOD Mouday evenhiK was critical. A in;m named Wni. Shlelda ims been arresteil on suspicion of beiug the robber. A Iarge bftrn bélonging to John Slulder at Kastinaiiville, Ottawa county, hurned witli a sjmii of liorsfs 11 cattle, implemenM, hay and ■"-in. The Iosb is fully $3,000, iusurauce ouly ■aoa A. tiro at Battle Creek destroyud the bnsineBs block owned ly J. W. üuckley and part of one ownedby'J'. t". Cliadwick. Loss f 1,000, fully iDSQred. The liattle Creek eisar rompauy was l'iinied out; loss $2,500; (vsuiaoce $1,500. Otlior damage $10,000; iasured for 47,000. An Irish natioual land league lias bren orgauized at Nlles witb twenty inembers. A Banitary conveutiou uudcr t!ie auspiews of the stftte bo.n-'l ot health will ')e held at Battle Croek March 29 and 80. H. H. Smith, hotel proprietor at Sears' station, on the Flint & Pere Marijuette raihvay, is missing; so also is a young eirl, who, rumor eays, accoir.panied hiin. He leaves a wife aud six youüK cliildren iu rather poor circum■tanceBi The dairy salí company of Eat Safrinaw, proposes to manufacture 50,000 bairelsof dairy alt the cominir seasou. Thedemand for ttiat product is ou the increase. ïbe RepuMican state couTentiou at Lausinj; nomiuated Jmlsre Isaac Marstou of liay couuty for Instlee of the mipréme court liy a nearly unanimous vote. James P. Joy ot Wayne couuty vns unauimously Domlnatad for recent of the state uuiversity. The noinination of Auslin Blair of Jackson county for repsut was vijjorously opposed by soine speakers, hut he wils uouiinaleü on the second liallot. The resoíutions congratúlate the people of tlio ropuh lic and state on the Repnbtima victory in tiie presidential campalgn, iiledti support to Pwsideut üarfieWs aduiinistration, conmiend tbe ticket uouünated, and declare tbat wben tho people by petiüon, manifest their desirp to aller or amend tbo coustitution theiij.wishes Bhould recelve that consideration to wbich thcy RW nntltted as coming from the source of all polHieal power. Tbe senate eommlttee on cmnmerce has addeil IJMWO to the appropriations Tor Michigan in the river and baiborbiU. bar conveution of the 16th Jjeuclal circuit bas nominated Judge E. ('. Brown, j foimerly of Kalamazao, Tor judge. President I.yon, of the state horticultaral society, says Michigan will have a fair erop of peaches tliia yoar, all reporta to llie contrary uotwithst inding. Tlie Ilance of cash in tbe state treasnry February 12 was $1,.I5'.).3O3.53: receipts for the week endiug February 19 were $ti7,t)2C.38;paymerts tor the saine timo, $4,685,41; leavmg a balance February 19 of f 2,022,234.50. The Gcivonior's levoe at Detroit was a very brilliant and succesíful affair. Hra. Barnard, accused of the morder of Mr, CurUs at Lapeer, luis been adiniiH-d to ball In tliesmuor 118,000. The aix irnn mines witliiu the Umita of ïshpheining, raiued and sulpped las! year 512,800 ! tona o[ oro- a greater quantiiy thau ever l cfore in one year. Kurglars oracked the safe of (jeorge W. Keym, postmasier and hanker at Ollvet Tbnreday morulngi Considerable inoney, poetage slauips aud some iewelry was taken. Tbó tliieves look the norse and cutter from the barn of A. J'. Green, and lelt the horae loose in the stieeU of Charlotte. A freight train on the Port Huron and Northwesteru railroad jamped the track and ran throagb Botsford's grain ofiBce at Port Huron, Landing the safe out of doors and tajdrlnglhe i tegraphio Instruments so that they canuot bs used. OudgeLovell has been renoininated by the Repnblicans in the elghtb jiuli(-iil circuit. Uaok Woosler, tlie yonng editor of Dowagic, who was severoiy lnjnred in a railway nnt at Decatur, Noy 1T. bas settled wit!i the Michigan Central railroad company, and reCHived 6,500 clamages. 01 tliis he pays Attoriicj General Van Hiper.his attorney in the case, u fee of $5(10 and puts f5,000 in tbe bank. Ft res:- At Jackson, Mich., destroyed Einer on ir Co.'s coal works; loss $3,000; 300 meu thrown out of work. The state convention of the young uien's (.:iiri8tian association of Michigan, in session at Enst Sainaw, ad juurned Saturday. A donation party at Burnham's hall, Deerfield, was given by the Methodist for their pastoi, the llev. Mr. Dawe, wlieu the l)ai"fonage was discovered to be on fire, with its contents, includlne an S00 library of the pastor's, was completely destroyed. Loss total iis the insurance had recently oxpired, ad will aggregate about $3,UO0. Win. C. Wallace, who passed B forged priaou order on Mabiey in Jackson, p'eaded guilty Saturday, and was seatenced to four years' Imprisonment Win. Chamberlain of Allegan went on a fspree in Graud Rapids, Frlday nlght and was Btabbed and he claims robbed of $200, in Fajjon's saloon. In Pipe rtone, Herrien county, W. Hartman, aged 32, engineor in a mili, was killed by catching bis foot in a belt Whlcli threw liim so that in ralltng nis head struck thabateof the eugine, bre.ikiughisskull. NniieoE toe 21 chigin appropriatiuiis adtied by the senate to tbc river and barbo" biü were tricken o ut by the conference coüiinittc-c. Farther tentimnny has been givea in the CiT:ttiancy cas'í by a 'uaok-driver, nbo awears ti t king a lady f rum Mr. Oíirttíanovi honie tu tbe iá!.. Jam-iB hotel to meet K;iil Giro. He WK nol able to swear that Mra., Who was present, was tha lady he to. k. I: is ntated thíit l)r. Otear BaU, a olerk in tba pengion oSip. will testify t'int he Baw t!;c lady at the St. J-imCH who wai shown to Giro's room, aud was satisfied that it wa Mis. Christiaucy. J. V. Minier of Kasbnjll, Montoalm county, han caa?ht and is tryin to ta;ne bald eagle wuicb meunivs live feet from tip to tip of bis out3pread wings. Virions parties are reportid in tbe northern ouotiai) of iho lower penintula bnying np eed ir lard'. as (6 lar proiuinc to be u vnluatjlc timb -r AesorUnt--) the Timps tbe salt wellthcrehas alroady cost Ï21.0 0, snd wMI cmit t26O 0 by the time it is anisbed. It is alleged thU a Bay City fathfr held b; boy' Êaers on a bot stove till Vu' lad' hcreams brought paerB-by to the rescue.


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