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February 22. - In the senate a substituto was reported from the nuance cominittee and passed repealing the tax on bank deposita. A bilí to reissuo fractioual currency was aiverst-ly reported and Indefiuitely postponed. The house joint resolution appropriating 33,000 for a monument at Waslüngton's blrthplace was iiasseil, after a brisk debate. A resolution was passed to pay to the leal representativos of Mr. Spofford, late contestant of .Senator KelIork's teat from Louisiana, au nmount equal to a seuator's sKlary from JJarch, 1877, to August, 1880. The legiglutive, etc, approprialion bill was taken up and passet!, witli the amendnieuts reportert By the seuate comuiittee. In the house of represeritaUres the resolution lor a joiut committee to investígate tlio Dominion nSherj fraüds was feported aud referreil to the commlttee of the whole. Tlie agriculniral approprlatlOD bil! wi.s consldered in (■oniMiitteo of the whole, icpoited and passed. Tlnr house went into oimuittee ol the Wbole on the sundry civil approprlatloo bUL Aii ainemiinent was adnpted appropriatlng $25,000 for a postoffice building in Baltjmore. The commtttee rose, baving voted duwii nnuierous auieiKiiueuts, aud hav ng complete'! about onethircl of the uill. A BUbstitute tor the apporUoninent bill, fixiru 315 as the nuinher of representatives, was ordereü prlnted. Fobruary 23. - lu the senat Mr. Batler ;l'iMn„ S. Cl OOOSUined soiiii time in advocatin the Blue llidge canal. Severa) bilis of ! iniuor Importanoe were pnssed and othen diseussed without actiou. The fortlflcationa approprlatlon hill w;is passed. Ibe congreeslona) librar; bill was taken up, the amend men tfi made in cominittee aereed 10, and the bilí ;íissed, (a. Aiihur bad au iuformat recepUon ou the rloor. Iu the house of reprisentaües, after appoiuting conference conmiittees on Beveral bilis. Mr. Cox (Dein., N. Y.icalled up the auportloninent IhII, hut, as t!ie UvpublTcaos abstaiued from votintr, leaviDffthe house without a quoroin. oonaented tbai it should ;;■) ovur. The sundry civil appropriatloo blü was cousi'li r -il ia cominittee. Febiuury 21.- Lu the senato J!r. Cameron (Rep., Wis.) announced tli tleath of Senator ' Carpanter. Mr. feailleton made A brief speech, ' au apiiropriate resolution y adopted, and the senate ailjourued in resput tofos inelnory. In the houfie of represenUtlfes Mr. Cox (iX'in., N. Y.) called up the apportioument bill, and the provlnus questlon was ordered upon it, the EepubUcans grenenüly refuslug to vote, and the speaker voting to make a quorum, rhe Republlcans tbeo Ijejjau filibustertug, un(ler the leaü of Mr. ('onijer. A cali of the bouse v,is ordered, and ilie ntght was peut ! in Ininging in absenk-es aml hearing excuses. Feuruary 'y - In the 6euate tlio river and harbiir Liil was reporled Croa tho couiinittee on cominero. Aller actiun and reporls upoii several local bilis, the eènaie took up the aj;ricultural approprLaUou bill, ïlm auiendment slrikiutr out the appropriatlon to complete the entomológica! reporí wasdefeatoHl, and tho iiiii u-i ropoxted to the Benate and passed. Mr. Walutce (Dem., Pa.,) presentad the report of the Democratie maiority of his oouunitttt-e on elecüon frauils. ïi.e Eepublican nirinbers objectfl to report because it liad noi been eulmiitti-rt lo thetn, and also protestad againsl crtaln portions of the tsstimoo; adiiiUted t v lioth kíiIcs t,) !i.' Qntrne. Tbese porfmns wen. expuu{ed, and the iiiatter was dropued. til .s weiepassed for public buildings ut Clarksburg, W. Van and Mloneapolis, Altei au execullye session, the seoate adjourneU. The Qlghl ffssioiiof the house contluued untin a. m., when Mr. Hawlej 'U;-p., Coun.) proposed thata conunitten of fiv rrotn eadi party l appolnted to arraose for a coiuproinise on the nppropriaUoa Inll. Such acominltteewas aiipoIntedL and tii bouM took a uiltil ln::!(l a. in. 'lh" death c.f S inator (arpen ter was tlieu auiiouiicud, and the house, in re. ■ i his neuiory,d]ourned until Uo'clock, wheb !'. n! iv's Bëssion bejran. The sundi) civil service i il was tiiken up lo cotuuiittee of tbe whnle. At. Aikins (Deui., Tenn.) luoveO to Btdke out tho clause appropi-iating i-!o,iiot) for priutiün the records of the of tlio I Ijellion, bul atterward witlnlrew his motlon. I Ben. Aid Icüaii was appointed a niemher of Ibe uatioual bu;u-d of inauagers of the soldier'g home In place of Gen. John LotO. Mr. Goode (j)i'iii., Va.i moved an ainendment approprií 200,000 fot Hik parchase ol roaüng stations 011 lue isthiuus of Panama. Ajiexc.tIng debute followed, tn whloli Mr. McMalion ., O.) cliarged thal Uiere ws a -.i 1 ' in UiIb projjosltton, that It was for the benefit of t'' Chirlqat land oompanj, and tliat the President bad exerctsed a "siy tnfluenee" ht the naval oommlttee in thi matter. This issrion was ehallenited by otben uud a personal lebate engood. The commltteethen rose withtit BCttoD, and the house ailjourned. Pebraary 2rt.- The senate t( ok up the rivor ;nd harbor bUL Ttae senate amend menta were ü! nareed te, and all olher amendmeute weiv voted down. Mr. Plumb (Rep., Ks.) mored to cecommil the liill with Instraotlous to cut the appropriatious down to it7,(KW,U0ü, and inake tlit'in solel; for mpruvoments of naüonal importance. Tliis was rejected. After a furtber i ■iiniiiiis debate the bill was reported to the and passeü, ayes52, nays 12. The houso went :.t i'oinmittee of tlie wbole OU the smidry civii bill. Mr. (oode's anicnd ment, iippriirijitinji 2U0,uuü ferthe parchase cif coallng stations o the Istlunus of Panaats, v:ií adopted, 8L'to il'i. Aiiainendinont increasiiiir to ify'NUXW the appraprtatlon forsurveying publlu lauüs was adoptad, Nearlyall the otber aniendinents oflered wererejeeted, hut name tor the payiiicnt of salaries to conteslint' eauil, d;ites were adopted. The coiiiinittew rose and rcpoited the bill to the house, and the uiain queotion was ordered apon ü, but uo further actton v;is had. March 1. - Ia ihe snate Mr. Ktton (Dein. Co in ) reporte d back a numb-T of biln ai l resol utiunfl i:i regard to vtrioua nLei-occanic route, froxn the f enate inter-occanic canal commutec, and a;ked to he diachargcd froio tiieir ooDöidciat:f)n, II q nest gruuiei. Th eoaïerence report oa the nver arti hnrbcr bilí wiiB KIPed ti I be J:tpancso indIDDÍtJ I i:1 was discusted and vrion amrn'imeiiti ('fFer:dt but. 110 aC i U taken i-pjn tbcm. 'lbe senttto tooka lejeu nnMl evftuiag for the c nsiderAtiun of hüUe túlls favorably rtportci from coruinittce 1ü tlio eTning a nnmberof b-11 wqtq pasped, and the Bfnatfl ad joureed. Ia the btiane of reprcReataUvcfl Mr. WoMabon rupnrtcd tLe deticieiicy bill, ihö IaBt of 'Aie genorAl appropriation Li Is, and it wan ordered priiited. The Renate amei daieute to the i;ricu'turftl approj rintion bilí wc r currcd ;n. lbe report of the conference C"K.mittfe 'n the tÍ7er and harbor bill w nareed to, jeae IG2, ' :iys 84. Ar paKSed it appropri ;t a i ' ,- 14 íO '. The house refundí to toast er the nppurlioniLent bill vcp 08 n i 14-; alüo Lbe politioal .ifucBsment bill. aud theintersta'e commerce bill. At last the t'uudiug bilL wa revhod. Alt -r pr-rliamenínry prai'. ico, and i progria; ii the b 11, tbe hou-e ut '2-43 in tbe in r'i::,;: (ooi á ítcesa antil 10 a. m.


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