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Bonth American mlvicos report tliat arovolutiou tías brokeu out in Antioquia, .a departnient of New (ranada, thu troopa revoltiug aud proclaiming a new president It was finaüy sabdued. Iu Venezuela General Solorzano is headiug a revolulion niraí usi President Blañzo. (ieneral Ney, Duc d' Elchingeu, was found deail at Cliatilion, liis forehead pierced by a ballet and r pistol iu his hand. (Jeneral Ney mi a graudsou of the fauioiiB marshal. The oldest son of the crown prince of En{Iamí, a grandson of Queeu Victoria, was inarried at Berlín to a (jfermao lady with great ceremony. The Standard saya: "TUe Irish membors of tlefoininon9 iuteud by !i prolouged discussion :_ prevent the war seeretary from iiioving the ("limate. There is a síroiie inipression that tiie government will be unalile to obtain votes for tlfearuiy witlioul proposlng urgency." A Dublin special eays J-ord Auneslj's threat to evic all tênanta on his Lontjford estáte, aud to tako into his own banda about one-tblrd of tbeentlre county, has nttracted attention to thb ulack shadowof evictlon Whlch is loominsr over vast uuinbers of farmers in Ireland. The tenante may at preaent bo dlvlded into tliree classes: 1. rhoaswboaro vvilliiiy to pay, tot afraid to; t. Ibose who can pay bot will uot; :!. ncither .lle nor willing to pay. Tin amonnt of inouey investód by the land leasrue is eoiisiderably uiulir L30,000, prindpally in American Becurltlea. a portion will in1 placed in Frencli securitioo, hut (iambettu'H liosïility bas raused eompiieations iu that direclion. A dispatch from Newcastle, Natal, says: "It Isreported that Wak keretroom was ciptured iiv tbc Boers, and subseiuently retaken by tbe BrlÜsb." It ia a a'ed that Jiismarck ia'rnds ultering the coiní'gc law, m king such altt-ratinn depond ti t apoa the resuit ot the moneLary cod Lrenoí. Th' Yiucn hT8 OH ried tbe l-.oüv of Gen. lley into Uh-ít logger, aud ent word tbat thcy will Burrcnder it au mu as ileired. A ;'rty (asuccoid ngl beru dinpatched to bring the rdmiius to o&mp. ]h Bjeis have taken tirm pusaesi-iüij of ISpitzicop. Resrding wir witb üreece a anavoidablr, th ïm rte is trying t prolun D6KOliation ntil military atnrea frora America arrive.


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