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A correspondent ui the L'biladulpliia L'ress, wriling froin Xew York city. .rivcs the followiug story, told by au iditor, oí the daya when aldermeu is pólice magistrates: Some yeavs ago vne oï ïny proof-readera got into sonie trouble with a printer, and gave liini an awful thrashing. It was mostly thereader'sfault.bea in', as h member "i' the union, was on strike, and the other man was simply earning lns living. That was all the excuse lie had givcn t'or tlie poUlding. Bnt tliu reader sent lor me to come up to tlie Tombs, and 1 went. Iletoldme wliat bis trouble was, áml asked me u do what I could to get liim out. The case looked prétty badly, for he.was the aggreesor, bul i thonght I would do everytning ín ny power tomake the sentencc; a light oiie. There was not the reniotest doubt in my mind that ie would be eonvicted. 1 found thai liis case would come up In themorning béfore a newlj-elected alderman, who was named ('uilen, if T recollect rightlv. i inluid a kind of half-way bruiser, who knew Cullen vciy well, and who agreed to take me around to hls house, and bring me Intu his ;injj;iisi presence. Mr. Cullen lived in one of the lowei dlstricts of the city and when we got tohis ïionsc a bal! was in progresa llicic nct'Icliration oí' his clcction to tliP office of alderman. It was a Bplndi affair. and tlie elite oftheward - chiefli cDiisist inpr of saloon keepers, butchers Ueelers and tlieirWiveaand sw3thear;s - was present. After some difflculti niy friend foun'. the host and said t hún: Sa-ay, pullen, this ycr's my triend Mr. . i want yer to ase him straight." The gentleman to whom liè introduced me had his hair clósely cropped and liis heard trlmmed lwn to spik; proportions, nul, il' I recoUect correctl; tlieve vere undoubted indications t!ii he woulfl have a black eye befor long. "Wliat kin I do fot yrr'.-"lie asked. I Btated the condition of nffairs a plainly as I eonld, told him the reade was a veiy valoable man, and wouni up liy saying that it' ho could let hin down easy i should be -m, personall; to be of any service in return tha mlght be in my powet. Mr. Culieo thought seriously for moment, scratched lus stnbbly hea and Uien said reflectively: 'Well, I guess we can lix that. no woiild six iponths do?" 'Well," I replied, in asomewhat as tonished manner, "ol coune 1 don' want to interfere with the riiihts o: justice, but I aliould Late to part wit the man for so long a time as that." "Oh!" said Cullen, with great enthu siasin. "] dón't mean him, I mean th other teller."


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