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Science With Farming

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The principies of agricultura are founded on observaMon aud experiment. Y car afteryear of patiënt trial, resulting in repeated failures, have establishtil the rules which govern farm operaiions to-day. 'l' were taught the proper distance for planting corn, the number of grains to the Kul, and the best method of cultiyation. Tiras was it shown wbere fruit would succeed best, etc., Thus was the potato, a wild weed of the prairie, made one of our staple cróps. ïhévalueof an ex pertinent dependa upon ita accuracy. All the eirciunstancea whicli eau effeel the ïesiill should be earefully noted. An experiment must be a close observer and a logica! thinker. A man who attributea Certain magnetical powera to the moon's phases vvill not draw correct conclosions. The value of scientiflc research by farming cannot be estimated in dollars and cents. Il direct 8 thonght and action into uew and useful cliannels. It promótes home adornment, encourages the planting "of trees and shrubs, and makesthe fanner's life in erery way more enjoyable. The iniliu-ncc of one's home raonlds tha miud and eharacter of his children. llaised under tlio chastt'iiing influente of tlowers, they 'e well prepared to battle with the evils of life. The growth of scientiflc knowledge Bhould be éncouraged in every possible way. The gtaduating svstein Is ÖOW benig introduood into our commoo schools. Here is ihe poini to begin pur good work, Let classes beformed, in wbich the eleuients of the sciences may be taught. Our high SChOOlS and colleges are not adequate to supply the demand for scientific farmers. Our district schools are turning out ftirmera by the tbousand who know as little of their natural surroundings as a cal knows of the chatechism. Uut few of our farmers' boys have time or nieans to attend scientific schools and colleges. We can only reaeh thein through the medium of our common schools. They require to be taught the simple principies of tlie science notconimon in rural life. Xot so nnich when and h.ow to cultívate, - but the why. The life and habits of insects, their vvonderfn] transformation, and their relation to the vegetable word, will give thein food for healthy, elevating thought. The stndy of nature will make them botter children, better men, and better farmers. It will teach them the valuable lesson of close observation, - that habit of seeing with the mimi as well as the eye. It will teach them a lesson in everyleaf and flower. It will teach them to appreciate the works of the irreal CreatOt, and thereby to loveand reveré Iliin. The study of nature iaaduty we Owe to ourselves, our fellow-men, our country, and OUT God. Give i:3 science with farming, thought with aciion, why with


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