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-In ])ul)ü(iip, fa., twci men ire now engaged in aawing wood lor Mi. Jol 11 ('(.iciiKui vln have a iii.-tiry. One of tliciii, John Derney, bas Ween u ïuillionaire. During the war he was a inember of a New Jersey re(iment, and served under McClellau in tlie Potomac army. Ho was in mauy battles, and reeehed manj wonnds. He receives a pension of $8 per tnonth. At Uit; close of the war he went to California, and thcncr to Mexico, wberelie eugaged in silyer niiniiig, and was very auccessful, aunassiog a handsome fortune, About eigbtyears agobeinaiTied thedaughterof General Emil Toatoreta, a wealthy merchant of Mexico, with wiiom he lived very happily for two or tliree years. [Ie declded to pel] his property and return to thia Qountry. It did not take liini huig to disposo of his real estáte and other Interests, although be sacriflced considerable of it. His wcaltli now eoiisistedof bonda and other cash securitles, wlüchhe in tended to dejiosit in the Bank of Mexico for saivty, andtolic drawn whenbe reached his dostination. On tlie lOlli of Oct ober, 1874, the.night before he Lnteuded to start on his return, liis wife atole al] his money and socuriUea and lied ili her lover, and he lias never seen or hcard of lier si nee. HeaiTived in New Vork with little money, and, as niaylic Bxpected, gave himself up tö disaipalion. JIc lias been ;i wandi-rcr ever ic■(■, arriving in Dubuque a lew laya ;igo. John Murphy is his er ;it the wood-pile of Mr. Coleman. A lm years ago Murphy was tlio cap;nu of i ■ tenmboat on ! lie hio l!i er, wllidl llO OWlieil, 111(1 w;is nllici'WiSf veil off. He mei with revotse of fortne and ill-luck, aiid lasl smnuier was roustabout on the upper, Mississippi.


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