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An Ancient Turquoise Inc.

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The simli of TVrsi;i appears to bo rbreatened not only by the Kurds, i,ut y the Mexicana. "The latter, it is true, o not present quite Botronblesomeand erious an aspect as the wild mountain van-iors, hut they mav, nevertheless, lake tlieir influence feit in Teheran. 'lif siiali lias long been accredited witli hepossessionof all tlieflnest turquoisea n oxistence. The indeed, we lieve, the only suurce of the tinest toues- haa hitUertu Uiu withiu hú aoiuiinons. Nubapur, m Khorasan, ias yielded all the bebt atunes of tliis kind, andthe piek of these have, it is said, been systemaücally retained by the Shah.who lias perroitted only the poorer Bpecimenstogo tato tbe market. l'l Killll l . . . BVJh l tune Havo úeen, ana are ikiw, other xnircea ol lesa valuabls turquoises. jaxóny and Silesia botli present localices where these gema are to be found, uní Arabia was reported nt onetimeto ifford genis far superior even to the IVisian. Uut the color, which at flrst was remarkably Bnó, proved to be not permanent. A more formidable, because an ancient and well trled source OÍ BUpplv, is now about to le re-estalilished after a lápise of over twu hundred yeais. Tliis is the once famous turquoise mine oí that part of Mexico which some thlrty years ago Brst became a territory oí the United States. ThJs remóte región liesin theheartof tlie American continent, but appeara t particípate largely in that mineral wealth which is so prominent a feature oí Mexico generally. It is mountainous, and is traversed bythe Rio Grande river tlironghout its entirelength froin north to South. Almost all kinds of metáis are found here and a good many precious stones, but the turquoise was Obtained only in ono mine or group of mines. JMe workings, however, were very productive, but something over fcwo hundred jetan ago a aadden inundation broke in upon the UDÍortunate Indians engaged in the extensive subterranean galleriesand drowned i hundred oí fchem. So overwhelming was the catastrophe that the whole enterpiisc was abandoned, and ever sir.ce about the time of the lire of London none of the beautiful liglit blue stones, small specimens of wliicli are so popular with ladies for "engaged" rings, have been derived from Americft. ïhe genuine turquoise is deecribed by cheinists asa phosphate alumina, but there is a mineral product found in Langnedi)c oasily mistaken for the slone, but said to be reaüy notbing but a bone covered with piiospliate of iron. The Mexican turquoiseá are said to be very iiiie and abundant and the Shan may, therefore, by and by, lind bis nice little monopoly eriously reduced in value. lic would hardly be a Shab ol Persia if be had notmanaged to make a rather sood tliing out of tliis mountain mine


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