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A Cruel Case

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-A terrible story of cruel ty to children is tokl by the Philadelpliiii Times. The victima areoiplians wlio were sent from varioua isylums of the Quaker City to Delaware. Tom, a 1 i t boy, In üi household oí' a Susst'x farmer Reuben was worked almost to death, and during the cold weather was fur-ished with saoli an [nsufllcient mipply of clothing tliat his feet were frozen and íw flesh droppwl off from the toes, the frost-bitteii flesh cxtemling to bis Unces. Tlii.s poor, little boy with a pair of nearly wam-out brogans, had been on the moinlngof December 30, whenthemarcury was seventeep degrees below zero, in the face of a driving snow storm, sent to protect his master'a un'.-.uskfd covn from the cowb and crows, He remained standing around in the snow until 4 o'clock. when he drove the cows home, ïeceived a piwe of cold torn pone, and was sent out in the simw again to chop stoye wood until dark. Having no bed, he slept that night in front of the lire-place, with his frozen feet buried in warm ashes. The following day he was hardly able to walk, and from that time l'orward hesulTeifd intcnsely. Tliis is only, however, a hint of the shocking story. Johnson was arrested and Bned $32. The boy's feet had to be cut off and he is in danger of losing his legs. This is only a sample of other cases quite as bad.


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