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- The Améllate Cour! m Paris the other day quashed a seutence of three monUis' Lmprisooment fot (ndeeency pássed on a man named Dldler, it being proved thai the defendtnt was a Bomnsmbitlist, and inesponsible in Ihat state tot lus acts. A doctor sent hün to sleep in au anteclianibcr of the COÜrt DJ siniply looking Qxedly at hirn, and tlien, retiring to a distance, pronounced liis name, whereupon Didierrush'ed towavd hiin, despite the efforts of the turnkeya to prevent liiin. In the presence of the Judges, moreover, He wrote 1 letter witb íiis cvi's Bkut from dictatton, and a large neecue was stucR m iis necK witnoui ! bet ia ving any sign oí Éensibility. A tit of somnambulism, it was atated, sDini'tiiiics comes on him while walking out doors, and when In a hospital he was obserred c ipying music, havtng do recolleetion of it on a waking. The doctors therealso noticed hisautomatic snliinission. The ('ourt accoidingl} nili'il thai bewas not morally or legally responsible i'or his actlons. Mr. Lingo was so elevated over the building of a railroad toLebanon, Oliio, that lie had a solid gold spike made, to bo drlven in a lie in front of liis house. But the spike was stolen liefore the time carne for the oereniony, and he offers $1,000 regard for the capture of the thief.


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