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"Does the indorsement of a township superintendent ofa teacher's certifícate, jiven by the superintendent ol' anollter ownship, reader sm-li ccrtiflcivte valid 'or the townsliip where the uperhv endent so indorsing it resides?" Jt is tl opinión of the ut torn ey geneal of tbis state that the certiücate ranted by the township superintendint luis no forcé or effect except in the ownship where granted, ;is sed on 106 ot' tlie set to pi'ovide for township sulerirtendenta of schools express]y tutes. Section 104 presei íes tliai the ewns iip superintendent sha!) examine ill pera 'is offering themselves as teachers iov the pub1 ie schools. Section 1J5 )roTide3 'kiü .i i shall grant certillcates i) s'.'cli form isshallbe prescribed, etc, tcensing as teachers all persons whom, n thorou'h and i'iiM examination, iie hall deem qualifted, efo. J t is further rescribed: "Noperson shall beaccountd a qualified teacher, etc., nor shall any choc ollicer employ oi1 Contract with iny person, etc., who has not such a erUflcate in foroe." This ninsl beconstrued to mean a certífleáte issneil 1he superintendent of the township sheic the person proposes or seeks to each. There are eertain prescribed certificates good throughout the state; rat the indorsement of i certifícate, SSUed by one township superintendent, y another superintendent, is not ing a certifícate, and cannot have the force and effect of a certifícate for any egal parpase in the townsbip where indorsed. Eaeh township superintendent should issue hia ceiliBcate as pre, scribed by law.


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