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The McKinney murder trial at Ionia resulted iu a verdict of acquittal. The i ruL store of A. ö, Clark t White nud was toiallyilestroyed uy lire. The stock waa Iiearly all saved. Iusured iu the Hartfnnl. In the case of Wanner vs. EggleBtOD, wbid btw beeo OU trial at Kalamazuo sruial daj and hotly Contestad, the jury -eodmeda vr iticl tor Wanner ut a,(KX). I B Clalmod tSO, (KK) furalletfed hreach of contract iu sellin tl Kaltniuno spring and nxle vrorku to Wanner for 140,000. Ther are now aliout KW fish shautics on the c of Saitinaw bay. Marshall offers a choice of five sites fi.r the locali iu of the prouosed new state Wind isyluui. vm. Swift r Oxford f il trom lila wagon and w.sladly hint liy the shock of the fall, 80 thr.l hia ife 9 hl danser. A !'ï- nameil Matiew, feil from the top of a tree, 10 feet, í tl Veai ?, Shiswassee connty, without tneakiDK a lioue. A wHii lor (Mitocl II village of Sand Bonvli Imt was frlgbtened i ' the looks of llie Baptist chuieb building am. put for the woods. The drug store ol A. C. Clark ' Wbite Cloml was totaily destrocen i fire. T i 9 stock was nearly all saved. Iiuureu üi tho Hartford. Ip tli Ciso of Wagner tí. Eggleston, which has been on Wal at Kalamazoo Berend dav-s and liotly contested, the jury rendcred a verdict Tor tfague r of 9,ÜOO. H Clalmed $30,000 for alleged breach of contract in seHing the Kalamazoo spriug and axle works to Waguor for $40,000. There are now about flOO fisti siianties oü the ice of Kaginaw bay. Marshall offers a choice of five sites for the location of the proposod new state blind asylum. Wm. Swift of Oxford Ml from hls wa,rn and was badJy hurt by the sliock of the fall, so tbat bis life in danger. A boy named Mahew. feil from the top of a tree, 40 fee! in Verco, Shiawasseo county, without bnakiog a boue. A wild deer entered the village of Sand Beacb hut was frightened by the looks of the Baptist church building and put for the woods. At Grand Rapids one epan of the Bridge treet bridge weut out through a bmtk m the ice. Some fcare of an loe gorge, llood aud great iaiuatï are entertained. A meeting Ol eitizeus ca lied hy the mayor, decided to experiment iu blowiHg up the ice witb uitro-giycerine. The examination of J. T. Lamín, charged with conspiracy to defraud the Fuut & Pere Marquette railroad couipany, closed at Kast Sagiuaw Saturday. Lamín was held for trial at the circuit court iu $51,500 bail. The board of supervisors of Alpena county have foruied a new towuship In the uuorganized county of Montmorency (attacbed to Alpena) to le kuowu as the township ot Briley. Uenton Harbor is not oiiiy out of debt hut has 4ü0 in the truasury aud is iu a high state of pto psrity. Friday Mr. Irwin compiaineil lo Sheriff Lewj U that hisson's ife. Einma Irwiu, liad deserted her husband and two childreu at liaucroft anil was living with one John Ross, a carpenter, somewhere in Poutiac The couple were discovered t)oardiii}; at a liouse on Lawreuce street Lewis, accoinpanied by Constable Bostwick, arrested the accused near the asylum, where Ross is eniployed, and lodged thein in jail. Tli wonian bas one of her three childreu with her. Win. Wylie of East San-inaw couunitted suicide by shootiug. (riet over tli' loss of bis wife is the supposod cause. At E:tst Saginaw a switcb engine at work in John (. Oven's planing mili yard, near the 'lint aud Pere Marquetta depot, juniped the track and ran iuto a luiuber pile. George SVood, a switcbnian, was rlding on the pllol and received some severe bruises aud had his right lei bally inasbed aud broken. The body of a baby was found Suuday in a vault in the rear of the (ierinan Ldlhenui church schoolhouse at Saginaw City The opiuion of the physiciaus is that t waa alive wben throwu tliere. Wlieu fouud it was part Ij devoured by rats. There is uo clue tothein ■ human umrderer. At (Jrand Rupiils, Edward O'Reiüy, while intoxicateii, atabbed J. W. frater, for erdering liini to leave his photngrapb galleiy. A mwtimr of business men of Hersej adoptod a reaolution favoiing the nominatiou of J. Byron Judkins for circuit judge of the l'Jth circuit. "A mem bei writes to tlu Jackson Patriot denyinqr (nat the Jacksoa liorae-breeders' association has been reorgani.ed, (ir that tnere will be any races on their track next season. A hoimo being moved broke down ite liucks across ie Fort Wayne and Air Line railroad track at Jackson and the railroad men had to send men and tools to get it ofT the track. A boy named Cbarley Warner of Jiowagiac, while trying to oatch on a slelgh, was hit by auotherteam so thathe feil. and the horse feil on top of tiim, brtïakiug the boy's collar bone and otberwtoe Injuring bun, John Dickens, a fruit tree agent died suddenly at C'edar S[irinis, a few days ago, a ni mor was set atloat that bis death was caused by foul play, but a post mortem showed that he iietl of apoplexy. An employé of Fround Bros. of Detroit was diacoTered to be systeniatically steaJlfig eoods from tbem. Property to the auiouut of several Imndred doJlars was recovered. At E-troit Richard Butler was bound over to the recorder's court, on a cbargo of robbing the grave of Jeremiah Sullivan on the lTth of January last. Three saloonists at Newaygo were each fined $25 and genteneed to ten dars' iuiprisonment for selling liquor on Washinsfton's birthday. The Democratie state convfütion at Lansing nnminated Augustus C. Baldwiu of Pontiac for judge of the supremo cnurt and eorge V. N. Lothrop and Henry Fralick for regenta of the state university. Tliere was a vory lively fight botween the advocates and opponent of coalition with the Green hackers, but the auticoalitionists were uccessful by a vote of nearly two to one. Charles A. Crippeu, manager of the coininis■iou house of Crippeu A Co., lias skipped from Eaat Sagiuaw takiug the money ot the firui aud otbens to the amonnt of 2,000 or 3,000. Telegrama from him dated in Wiu 8 ir, indícate his present whereabouls. The c'.othes of Miss Belle Havens of Thornville Lapcer county, caught fiie from thestore and were burnedenurolyolT lierperson except across the breast. She is a youní laily 17 years of age and highly esteemed. Hopes of her recovery are entertained. Ia the Lapeer cirepit court the trial of Krs. Barnard for theCurtissmurder was postponed, ad H. 1). l'ike wtss substi uted as one of the bondstnen in place of S. J. Tomlinson. A cuse of sinall pox causes inuchexciteuient at Grand Led ge. Three freight cars standing on a side track at Grass Lakc, load-d with brimstoue, took fire and burned to the trucks. Loss t,CO0 or $4,000.


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