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Tho seuate passed bilis to reincorpórate Ht. Cleuiens;todetíich the towushio of Cleon from Wexford couuty and aUacli it loManistee; to improte Black rver, Chehoygau county; to aiueiid coinpiler's scctiou 7110 'u regard to writs i' luantlainus; to amend registration act for townithips; uiakiug apnropriations for the purchase of books fór ie siate librai y, for Uie expenses of the blind school, and for the institui'C i for the deaf and 'umb: estabüshing a board pf commissioners of surveys; auuMiding eonip;li'B8ection74S6, relative to salaries of judges of probate; ameudiug the Detroit Iiouse ofcorrection act; prOTlding for a supply oí the general laws of the state; inai ag ap propriation tur pioneer societies; aniendiii act to prevent the sale of liquor to minors. The house passed the followin{: To reorganizo the 11 tli aml mh judicial circuits, and U) crnate the 25th; to amend the charta of Big Itapiils: joint resolution to settlc claims of Detroit house of correcüon against the state; to detach certaiu territory from the county of Kalkaska, aud attach tho sanie .o the townsbip f M-llor Antrim cniinty: lf ni? i ?n apuro, piiaüon jr the purcliase of books ior . je state uüiary; uu1 ug apuropna. ous DT e state reform school anu agricultuïp'. college; to aniend MOtion 4312, relatife o desceut of real property to lloir'liuiate cbildrw: joint resolution autlini'i.iiii; the iusurauce couiiniBsioner to Burrender certain abstracts of title to the Michiifan Btate iusurance couipany. The seuate passed bilis to reincorpórate Mt. Clemeus; to detach the township of Cieos from Wexford couuty aud attach it to Maolstee; to improve Black river, Cheboygan couuty; to amend compiler's sectiou 711U iu regard to writs of mandamus; to amend tliu rt;istration act for towiishipn; makiug appropiiations for the purchase of twoks for the state library, for the expenses of the blind school, aud for tin' iimtitiitioii for the deaf auil dumb;e8Uiblibliin); a board of eomndHlonen of sunwys; ameudiuy; coinpiler's section T-Í3IÍ, relative to salaries of judges of probate; ainendmc th Detroit house of correctiou act; providing tor a supply of the geueral laws of the Btate; uiaking appropriatiou for pioneer soc.eties. TUo houRe passed the following: To reorganize the llth aud 1-tli judicial circuits, and to créate the 25th; to amend the charter of Big Unpids; joint resolution to settle claims of Detroit house of correctiou against the state; to detach certaiti territory from the county of Kalkaska, and attacb the same to tbe tOWDMllp of Milten, Antriiu county; to make au appiopiiatiou for the purchase of books for the state Iibrary; making appropriatious for the state 1 reform school and Rgriculiitral college; to anii'iiii scetiou 4312, relativo to descent "f real property Ui llcit.iniale cbildren; joint resoluiiiin gutborizlng the Innanwoe cominlssloner to surreuder eerUiiu abstracts of title to th Michigan state insurance company. Mnrcli 5.- In the senate areinoustrancc was pirosputfd ajrainet tli propoBed amcuduient to the charter of Big Rápida. Several bilis were reported f.ivorably. The seuate then considerwl tlm reüolution forsettlinif tliecoi' 's edelec (Ion in theelerentli district whlcb wi RoaUi made the special order tot Wadneeday, March lö, at 2 oVlock. Adjourueil till Tuesday umrniu at 10 o'clock. j ii the house the bill uiakiner a approprlation for the normal school was favorabiy reported apon. TheGovernor notined m aiproval of the acts erganlzldg tho town ol Itliacaauil inconioratinir Gaylord. Thefollowinr were [iasBtii oo thlrd raading: S. )J. 98 moorporatlDg Stautoo. H. it. 206 proTidlng for tlie electiou or four justicos of the peace for the city of Grand Raplds. Hotli the abovo bilis wwe given inimedlaU) effect. H. B. 30 for a división of Va.vm eomily waa ïe-considereil and nferrad to tho committee on towus nnd countit's. The afternoon session nf the liouse was giveu to eonsldeiaUon of bilis In coinmittee of the whole. Bfaicli 7- The señalo rasnot in session. Iu the house or representativesa lietition was preseuted from üie supervisoröof SU Josepli couuty for a changa iu the tax lavvs. In coimnitlee of the whole, house joint resolatiou No. 11 aml house till No HM were agreed to. Mr. Cobb's insurnnce Uill vm aineuded and agreed to. March 8.- In the senato a petition was preseuted for au iippiopriation for the state board of hnlth, and a remonstranoe against huí law giviog the monopoly of the practica of medicine to any cla s. The house was asked to return two bilU iu its poaeession. In the eveuing the louse b;ll to ameud the charter of Chelsea was pa?sed. In the house the return of the house bill incorporatine Frt Gratiot was requsted fiom the ifoveruor R-monstrances wt-re presented against a law givin? the monopoly of the practice of medic.ue to any clas whatever. Bills were passed incorporating Chelsea, rdncorporatiue Muir and Lakeview. inaking an appropriation for the reform school, for the election of a board of twelvo school inspectora for Detroit, etc., etc.


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