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The senate of Vs 16tll cougrcss, was so ïnterrapted liy noise and colisión i ■ the gal wee md ty the entonce o disUngnishei' nodiw to the talleriesard l'.ooi. t.iat little inuness of iiiMiiitanee was done. At roou the pies dentiii procrssiou enlerert, inrludingCieu Artliur, w'no made bi U-f and noat liUle speech, and w.issworniu. V!ce President Whoeler, with a tew graceful and feeling words, declared the senate of the 4'Jtli cougress adjourned sme In the new senate Vice President Arthur read the proclaination of the l'residei't cxlling au exlre session of the senate of tbe4th coi;res3. The uew senators weie worn la, With tie exceptiouc- two phwntees, Edmuüds pnd Maloue 'iiie Bewseüate tlit-1 ailended the manearaUono; Preeldeot (.-'field, ruj'. i reurnlng to their lamlier, sppoioted ' committoelo uotify hun of their organizai on, and TheTo Ise met at 10 a. in. Mr. Hutchins ï)n K. Y.) roso vo r o.ieBlioa o" pinnege, a'iti sad tha ..e iif.d b: . i sto ,ed ',n ■ cap'.tol 'oj e i anneu soldier. itíí'i eda resoiu'.ion ou the 5' n;ecu lhe proceediPEs weie suspepiied and a vote of hanl i vo kpeake? Eiidall adopiei. rhecousiden.v -u of lhe Hutcl) 'is reeoluÜon was then samed a'1 t1' was e uutii wltbtn lep ninules of me hmir for fin--' pdjCUininent, when it w l w'U'ëraWD. h.peaiter HandalP naden brief coaciudingaddresp, aud the house tdjourned s'.ne die. Tlie deficiency approriation hill had $875,000 added to it'in conference coanmUee. Ixside he appropr'a'.ious made in the Iwolicisesoi congress. A Bessemer st-el facto t is to be c sUMished at Youn"s!own, O , by a upany with a captal of 1,UUO,UUC A gas explosión íd the Rocky Monntalncoal and hoo coiupanj s mine No. 2, ai Almy, Vyoninff. killed sonie iweuty Cliinameu aud injureú in? )y more. Theltallan baik Aiace, from Antwerpto New Yo V' we1, aslio'e on Ilio Roukaway hoals, horst 's'aiK1 Tlnirslpy eveni;ig. All becie.v buo one v.tre loBt Fourcut their hroate ia despair. ïl news f rom the storm m U-D west snows bat 't was fue n'ost wldespiead and deepesi sDow'nllor Uie wioter. It extended owr aortberu HUdc1 róril'ern apd western Mc!iran, Wisrousin, Mumesom. Nelirask?, Dakota, Iowa autl Kansas, lu ibis vast orea rallroad tfiffle has hem veiy f''ï Interfered wit t, iurt i'i Wissonslu ava oior spciions BUrelj inni'rzed. Scboo's ?-esiut in many villajes. Chere are mük ivou cpal famines in Dlilwankee nii Chicasro, and in th 3 mei place nulk sells or 25 eente a qnart. Au 'ce ?orge in UakoU ias flooded Miles O.y. iu ie vast a wild torm has (ior!e i. .'Cli daniage on the lJms; land aud New Jersey Bjores. Ihe gencraJ nlldnesBOf tbeweather i j alone preyented errible aullering. Flrer- At H'ckmM Ky.. cottoo seed oi! vorks: loss --0,00:), irsii'ed 932,000; two perons burnwl lo deoth.- At 1): "tnnore. the pearl ominy milis; loss $7O,G0O: iosured Tor fo.).XK)- At Joüet, LM., Andcvson's rain elerator nd feed mili; Inss, i0,000; iiisureii, f7,U00. Tbe deficieucy appropriatiou liill had $875,Kii) added toit in conference comnuttee, Made lè-approprlatlous made in the two houses of ont;ress. A Bessemer Bteel factory is to be establislied t Youngstown, O., by a company witta a captal of $1,000,(100. A gas explosión in the Rocky Mountain, coa' nd iron company'fi mine No. 2, at Almy, Wyoline 1 Umi some tweuty Olilnauiou aud inurcd many more. The ' lian ha k Apee, frora Aniwe'p to N'ew ïfl .. went cenote on the Uockaway lioalr -a '; leían'1 Tbureday eveii'ng. All lie c jw bat o'ie were lost. Four cut ti.eir moats in despair. The nt ws froüi the Btunn in 11 e wee', shows iiat it was the most wIdMp'"8t.u aml deepest now fall of ti ■ winter, it extended over nortbern Illinois, northem art western Micbscau, Wisconsin, Minuesola, Ni'W.-.iskf ilakota, o wil and Kausas. In this vast ana rallroad rafiic has been very "ït-aily iuterfereil yith. Dd in WisoODSio nnii olhcr sections etitirrly laralyzert. Schoon are sluit in many villajes. "hen? aie inilk ainl coal famiucs ',i Milwaukce nul ( nícago, and in tl e tonner place milk ells or 25 cents n quart i ce go ye iu Dakdia tas HcMli'd Miles City. In the M a wild torm has dcae imich d&mage on . i e Long Iaand ai'd New Jrsey shores. 'the general nildness of Uieweathei has alom prevented errible suffering. Fires.- At Hickman, Ky., colton seed iil works; loss $40,000, insuird f:j2,0()ü; two ]erons burned todeatb.- I BptlAore,lhepearJ loniiny milis; los 1170,000; iSDWd 'or "!, kjo.- Al Joliet, III., AikIhiso is uiain elevatox uid feed mili, loas, $! 0,000; insmeci, .f7,000. The inenibers of Presiilcnt QfU Oeld's Mblnet assentioaud confinned by the fienate are is oIIowb: 'ïpRretaiy of State - James (. Blaine, of tfaine. Secretary of the Treasury- Wui. Wlndom, of Jinnesota. Secretary of War- Roliert Lincoln, of Illinois. Secretary of the Navy- Win. H. Hust, of jonisiann. Postmasler (eneral- Thos. L. James, of iew York. Attfirney (eueral - Wayne McVeagh, of 'enusylvauia. Seeretary of the Interior- Samuel J. Kirkword, of Iowa. Seuator Windom will delay siuning iis ro gnation as the Minnesota legislatura adjonrns i a day or two, aud th (jorernor wili then ave uuquestionable power to appoiot i s suceBsor immediately; wliereas, a resigimtion ated on a day vvlieu tlie Legislatura was iu ession, altlioiih not roceived uuti! after alourninent, inight give rise to doubts is to the overnor's power to appoint. At Fall River, Masa., the Kenen] impressiqu 8 that Hiere will be no strike auioug the inill peratives at pnwnt. A collision occiirred on the Balt'inore and 'otomac railroail Satimliy near Baltiinore in vhicli two men were ki'led BDd ltl injurod. Cx-President Hayos rxl faii!!ly were óu tlie raiD but eBcaped uuliurt. Ou Saturday a fue broko out in the female epartmeotol the insano asyliim two miles ortho Daarille, Pa. Iu a few minutes that epartmentwasln Barnes, whioh rapidly spread lo the male departineut. There were four or live hündred 'iimates o( tbe asyluni, of whlcb tlie eteater part ar iuppoeed to be losL Some of tliem have esc.iped U the woods and are diflicult to fiud, but ït is believed at this time thal most of tiiDiii have perlshed. The freiht blockade of the wiuter is said hy railroad uieu to lie nearly over. The Missouri river at Fort IiuTord lias risen twcntv feet, and is slill risinj;. A Lerrihly destructive fredhet is feiiped. All the new cabinet officers except Rnlxirt Lincoln ijualifunl Monday hefore Judge ('arttr. Most of tliem ontered at ouce upoii the discharge of their duties. Kdward iVicPhers()n of Pennsjivania isa candidate for first assistant postniaster geunral, auil Cliauncvy I. Külty of Missouri for econd assistant, in place respectively of (ïenerais Tyner and Brady. More than 110 private bilis and 150 public bilis were left untouched on the house cali dar at the time of the adjournment of oodkdMi Over 1UÜ bilis were on the speaker's Uib e. More tlian 100 nomiunlions for oflice by the President expirad wltu the adjoiirmiient without RoUon by the tenate. C. A. Reiiiipnsclmeiilcir, srcretary aud treaaurer.of the To'edo board ol water works, is a defaulter and lias absconded. Mattie Ishmae1, dauirl'ter of a wealtliy inati liviug near Jonesboro, Kri , was Imrribly mur■lered (lortOB her father's absence fnmi home. The moÜT v.iis robbery, hut no money was fonnd. The nmrcleieis are uuknown, but a nuuiber of m'jjroes have !iwii arrsted. Thero Ig considerable feellnir in Washington In furor of ti extra sewiOD of conare;-s about Uaj l.", to uranizH th teglslatlTe sessions ui boto, homes, and pass a ronding bii!. President GarOeld is, however, averae to calling an extra 8essiou unless it sliall provo to be absolutely necessary. Preparations ate maklDg for a proat meettng In New York city to expresa sjinputliy for the Boers Ilenry Ward Beecber aud Col. lts (T'1-.oll have lieon invited to speak. Financial ami other aid is also bc lig sent to the Boers trom this country. The appointment of tbe senate comiuittees itill rcinains vi settled. The Hepubücan senators take the position tliat tliey will not accept a uiiiiority of the t'ouiiuittee appointuiouts, and the Demócrata threaten, in that case, to theuwlves arrange the coinmittees frotu top to bottom. Fires- At Bolívar, Tenu.. ten imi'dinCT burned; loss SWö.OUÜ, iusuranco $11,000.- At White Cloud, Mirh., repair shop of the S. N. Wilooilumber company; loss not yet asc-rtained. IÍ is supposed in San Francisco Mint tlie Bhip i'ory Rnd Helen ha9 been purchased by the l nlteJ States ifOTenunent to be used in an expadition to search for the lost Bteamer Jeannett. Judge J. W. McDillof Unioucouuiy lias been appoii)t'(l bj Cov. (ear of Iowa to fill the racaney in tlin United States senate caused by the resigntion of Mr. Kirkwood. Levi P. Morton is talked of for ininister to France, Register Schofield for minister to Austria. Wm. I'. Krye has been unaniuiously nominated liy tlio Republicana of the Maiue lejiislatiiin to succeed Mr. Blaiiie in the Vnited Status senate. General (arfield has written to Minister IiOmilI, expressing the hope thatthe latter will be willing to reUin the Euglisu mission.


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