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Thfi senate of tlie 16tb congress was so interropted by noise and confusión in the eallories, nul DJ the e.ntrance of distipjiuished bodlea tothe-iialleriesaud tioor, tbdt linie imsinesB of lmportaoce was dono. At noon the prosidential proceesion entered, includlng Gen. Aiiluir, who made a brief and neat little speech and vv:'s swciiu Is. Vice President Wlieeler, wiili a few graceful and feelinii word?, declared 1 1 o senate of the 4öth OODgTMB adjuurned s'.ne ciie. In the! new senate Viee President Arthur reail tbepioclama.iOiof the President c!ling au exaase?sion r uie sonate otthe47th consrees. Pbe new senai'il's were sworu in, willi tlie exception o tw alwentee?, Kdinunds and Malione. The ) ' ,v senate then attended tlie Inaueuration of F'iesMeut Garfleld, mu1 oí retarnuig lo ilt'ir cbainber, appolnted a rommittee lo ï'üiiy tim of their organization. and adjourned. The 1' .ira met at 10 turn. M . Hutcliins I .mu. V. y.) rose to a gaestlon; pnvilege, R. j f? 1 Hu. be liad been stopped in aitemptIng ■ enter tiie capítol by nu arnied soldier. Hat.Toicda resoliition m the snDject. The proceedl'igs wre snsi ended and a voiw of !li;ii)ks to Speai.p i ' 1 Rdoptod. The cousideratios of i. o H . js resolution was tlien resume i, aml ue wnsted uutil witbin leu minutes of . e I i rfor tinal ad journ inent whiMi It was ■ -'luiwn. Speaker Randall made a lr-_r coDfludiog addresf, and the house adjourued siue die. March 5.- The nenate met in executive ses ■ton muí a lODff debata ensued upou tho proceiire iu confinnint; the catiinet nominatious Of iresVent Gaifield. At the termiuation uf tho di'hate, whii'h waB not addressed at anj time to the morits of the nomination!", tliey wfic Beparatel; coofinned, without roll cali or a dissenting vote in any (nstaooe. March 7 - The only business done by thesenate was to swcar in senator Mahone of Virginia. Who took a su on the Republie;iu side. The senate tbea ftdjourned. March 8.- The senatf, ntsr rcreivinjr letters fio:uSenati!'sB!i'ine an 1 Klrlrvoo(l,not:f;tDg it of thcirresii;ualiou3, weut into exeeutive session, and, whoti the doors were reopened, adtouiued.


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