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A Stranger's Mistake

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A few days ago a western merchanl who wantwl to do some sight-seeing, and buy his fa)l stook at the same time, entered a dry goods jobbing liouse on Broadway, and accosted tlie flrst person he niet with, "Are you the proprietor here?" "Xotexactly the proprietor," was the reply. "At present I un acting as shipping clerk, but I am eutting iny Cftids for a partnership next year by organizing noon prayer meetings in the basement." The stranger passed on to a very important personage with a diamond pin, and asked: "Are you the head of the liouse?" "Well, no: I can't say as I am at present, luit I have hopes of a partnersliip in january. l'm only one 01 the travelcrs nsi now, bilt I am laying i'or 8 $2,(HJII pew in an up-town churcli, and that will mean a quarter iníerest here in less Ihan six monthfl." The next man had his feet up, his hat back, and a 20-eent cigar in his moutli, and he looked so solid toat the stranger said: " I I " ou must run lilis establishment." "Me? Well, may ion it verysoon, At ]rosent I am the book'keeper, but l'm expecting to get into a churcli choir with the old man'sdarling, and becomu an equal partner here." The stranger was determined not to make another inisiake. He walked around until he (ound a man with his coat ofï and Inisy with a case of goods, and he said to liim: "The portera are kept pretty bugy in here, [ sea." "Yea," waa the brief roply. "But I suppose yon are planning to nvest tu a gosjxsl hymn book and sing the oíd man out of an eighth interest, aren't yon ?" "Well, no, not exactly,"was theqniet reply. 'Tin tlie oíd man hlmaelí." And all tliat the stranger said, after a long minute spent in looking the meichant over, was: "Well, diirn iny buttons!"


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