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All ncw votcrs who have changed ihcir place of residence since the elcction in November should register their uames next Tuesday, March 29th. Tbis they must do iu order to vote. A session of the board of registration will be held iu the several wards on that day commencing at 9 o'clock in theforenoon and closing at 7 o'clock in the cvening. - - ♦ - - ■ - - The Tramp will never recover from our article on the Cook house affair. The Tramp steals his editorial and his local, and is not even original in his abuse. ■ i m . Let the democratie city convention put a clean ticket in the field and it will be ' triumphantly elected. The democrats have a splendid ticket in the field which should have the united support of the democracy. The chairman of the democratie county committee has advised the Tramp to sell out for the good of the party for his is ! a wishy-wasby sheet. Fish ia said to be good braia food, but then the Tramp printer eats nolhing Imt stickers. Change diet, neighbor, even if you are obliged to try bullheads for a time. D. Cramer lias been employed as attorney for Van Worcncr, of Monroe Co., in the settlement of a large estáte at Erie, Penn., and starts for the eost Monday morning next.-.4m A.rftor Xews. God save tbe estáte. Au eye witness says it is amusing to see with wbat avidit}' the Tramp goes for the " woman in black " and the man with a weed on his hal wending tbeir way toward the probate office. Notwithstanding the Tramp bas killed tbe Argus, we hope his few subscribers wilt not think tbere is uo other democratie paper in the county. The Democrat is the only reliable democratie paper in the city. ISy the volé of Mahone of Virginia, the republicansj succeded in organizing the senate last Friday. Mahone, who was i'leoted to the senatorship as a democrat, sold out his constituents and now acts with Die republicana. m ■ ' A correspondent from Chelsea thinks the Tramp would do well to combine with his present vocation, an agency for tombstones. Ayc ! neighbor, it would chink in well, so if you failed in obtaining their legal ads. you could pull some other string. The Tramp says that whoever we praise politically, dies. How is it with the Tramp? Facts speak for thcmselves. The Tramp advocated the nomination of Charles S. Gregory for state senator. He wus defeated. The Tramp urged the nomination of Ed Warren for sheriff. He was laid out colder' n u wedge. The popularity of The Democrat is evidenced by the fact that our subscription list is incicasiag daily, and our advertising patronage exceeds the limit orsnally set for it. Despite the macuinations of the Tramp and his coadjutors Tuk Democh.vt lives, will live, and now singa the requiem of the Tramp. Wben the Tramp made his appearancc ia this city ho confidently asserted that within two months thereafter "Tuk Democrat would fall into his lap." He lias feit sometbing "drap," and as an evidence that he is crushed, lie has begged the greenbackers lo take hia moribiind sheet off of his hands. Tlie person known as the Tramp, who cdits, chiefly witb his scissors, a sheet which serves lo float the name of the Ann Arbor Argus, being unable to wrile ten English sentences corrcdly bas employed a certain so-called lawyer who is maint&ining his reputatibo for dirty work by slinging mud through the columns of the sheet. The Tramp printer bas engagcd as chief assistant that allegeit lawyer, wouldbe judge and notorious blatherskitc who wiis curistened uoder the name of D. Cramer. He, it, was, it is alleged, who penned the article in the last issue of The Tramp regarding The Demockat and its editor. An article froin such a source is beneath our notice, yea, bcneath our contenipt. - ♦ - Last Friday morning, earl}', the wouldbe judge procured a copy of The Tramp, mul Btrutted np imd down lh üJuets containiuatiiig gentlemen by turusting under their noses the said sheet containlng an article as villaiuous and unsavory as its iiutlior's or theTrarap's peputation. If he hopcs to win votes by such means he has as littlesenseas lie haspolitical honesly.-nü, The Tramp says of Thk Dkmocuat: "No man cares anything about it, and no man notices it." We thought the Tramp was a hybrid, and In the foregoing language he admits the fact. If any man longcr doubts the qualifications of the Tramp et it be remembered he resigns the tripod to Densmore Cramer, the ouly man who ever run for an office and gol left when nobody opposed hiui. - - - i ■ -■ Cramer for a long time has been figuring for the noiuination for circuit judge. Tuk Demockat didn't propose to let him have it and we gave our reasons. The Tramp through his sheet idvocaled Cramer's nomination, aud it is very doubtful whether this would-be judge receivcs. two votes in tuu convention to-day. If the Tramp "praisesany man or caudidate that person is sure of political dcath." Evcry man the Tramp has brougbt out as a candidate bas been defeated. Thtre was Gregory, for state senator, Warren tor sheriff, and Cramer for judge. Who the Tramp is is pretty weii kuown in this community. Tbat he is a uonentily no sensible man will deny. Tliat he has not sufticient brains to edit a news laper is au admitted fact, and democrats wilh whom he comes iu contact look upon him with suspiciou. He has admittcd to ii gentleman iu tliis city that hc was a cross bctween a rcpubllcan aud b greenbackor, aud ouly claimcd to be a democrat now becaiue it was the means by wbich he could replcnish his depleted BXChcquer. Such is the chaiacter of the person who would attempt to bclittle the services of onc who has always been a deniocrat. Tuk Dkmocuat ia the interest of the peoplc has held up to public scoru inen wlio profesa domocracy, ouly because democracy is the sesamc by which they eau hopo to achieve ofticc aml reap spoils. The wisdoui of our course hns been more thau once exemplifled. We have exposed certain party barnacles for the good of the party, and the result has been precisely what we desired. The men from whom the veil was lifted by Tuk Democuat have been relegated to private life by discrimimiüug democratie conventions which have recognized the value of our services in tuis couuection, aud by thcir action most bcartly endorsed ihcm. ttefusing to be bulldozed by a few would-be leaders who willhenceforth be allowetl to ruminale in private life on their actions as alleged patriots and spurious democrats, The Demochat is charged by au anonymous scribbler in The Tramp Wlth seeking to injure the democratie party. Tüe charge coming from a reputable source might bc worth disproving by referring readers to the back nies of this paper; but coming from the source it does itrequires no refutation. It is undoubledly made by one who has feit the lash and deserved all he received.


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