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Real Estate Transfers

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The followiug are the transfers of real estáte for the weck emling Weduesday, March 23 : WARRANTY DEKD3. Jno. B. Schlicht to Geo. Schlicht, property ia the village of Manchester, $3,000. Jas. Hamilton to Jane McLeish, land in sec 10 Ypsilauti, $900. Susan M. Dolben to Jacob Streeter, property in village of Lima, $500. IIebert D. Rose to Albert J. Robinson, 10 acres sec 32 Sharon, $150. Chauncj; S. Goodnch Jr. (by adrainis trator to Jas. B. Gott, property ia Aun Arbor, $750. Abrain A. Drake to L. D. Chubb, 20 term sec 1 Northlield, $1,000. Mary E. Drake to L. D. Chubb, 11 acres sec 1 Northfield, $550. Win, H. Drake to L. D. Chubb, 29 icres sec 1 Northfleld, $1,000. Lyman S. Wood to Gideon L. Hoyt, 80 acres sec 22 Lodi, $7,000. Jno. 11. Warner lo Anson HarmoD, property in Saline village, f 1,400. Jno. Geo. Haarer to Wm. Schwab, 65 acres sec, 36 Freedom, $2,900. Carrie I. Wilmot to Arthur J. Muramery, 5 acres sec. 28, Anii Arbor, $700. Moses Bartlett to Jno. Schmid, 26 acres sec 20 Sharon, $648.64. Arremus T. Cook to Chas. Kitson, property in Ann Arbor, $100. Loitisa Barber to Chas. Kitson, property in Ann Arbor, $100. Mary Campbell to Lawyer Riggs, property in Chelsea,$550. Miohael B. Schaibile to Jno. Geo. Kappler 80 acres sec 19 Lodi, $4,800. Hauselruann to Earnest Hauselmann, 40 acres sec 30 Augusta, $610. Catherine C. Wooley to Chas. E. Green tTid Wm. D. Harriuian, property in Anu Arbor, $2,900. Jno. Geo. Kappler to Jno. Geo. Walz, 20 acres sec 19, Lodi, $l,5uO. Anthony Farley to Chas. C. Lockwood, 153 acres sec 5 Salem, $4,220. Harlow H. Howe to Eva E. Black, property in Ann Arbor, $450. Geo. V. Clark to R. A. Beal, property in Ann Arbor, $1,300. Daniel B. Brown to Gottlieb C. Mann, 40 acres sec 24 Freedom, $1,000. Thos. G. Burlingamo to Jno. Hagan, 40 acres sec 16 Ann Arbor town, $2,600. E. J. Johnson to F. Buhl et af, property in Ann Arbor, $1,000. QUIT-CLAIM DEEDS. Mlrand Noyes, et al, to Jas. M. Taylor, property in Manchester, $900. Frederick Kurfess lo Emanuel Haal), land iu sec. 10 Freedom, $100. Mary Ann Barnes to Eliza A. Felch, property in Ann Aibor, $100.