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A 1hto -.mmber of mpmbers of the Briüsli C0IUU10D8 refusod to voto on tlie rosolution of ii! Lffuci on the eujiply, ud tho home rulorn were ciivideU upoti iu In answer to a quesHon in regard to the evncuation of Candih;.r, Mr. (iladstone ssid that the goveni inent would not Rttempt to instruct the viceroy of India to delay anj mearare' hn thought necessary. Mr. Paroell, in commlttee on the supply, vainly protested sgajupt nppropriations for crlmiaal prosftcutions in Iraland, nnd for the Irish constabulnry. Tho armi8tioo witli tho Roors lias boen extonded four days. Gen. Wood, President Braud of the Oranje Free State, and Couimander Jouliert and Paul Krugor of the Roers wlll mett on the 18th inst. Little further uews comes from St. Petersburjt about Ute.tesolta of the tragerly of I day. lts effect on (nnauy htro beent iuerease llie riiior of tho piosecutious of Bocialists,thoiigh the more the latter are prosocuted tho more -vital and vlKOrooa does thoir organization [come. A socialist account of the a8ea?Hinatioii saya thnt the etory si-nt froni St. Petersburg is f;, that the bomt were tlirown fiom the Windows of a dwelüng, nud wltbfn five seconílB of e:ch other. Iu tho Biitish home of coinmons, In the rommitteeof supply, a ote of L500,000 for the Afghan war was carriod without división. A "difliciilty" has ariseu in tho Clifden muu Airiium, ui'LwtrtMj me r leming renei expeilitlou and tho land Icnguers. One man was killoii. Tho poltoe have gout to restore order. Tho British troops mive renewed operations in the Transvaal. Paul Kruger, the Boor leador. wiites lo President Braud of the Orange Pree sta! that Ihey wül not admit that they are rebels by any concestions. Thpy bold to the offer of arepHlilic uudera British protectoiak'. An attuinpt to blow up th Mauslou house, London, by uieans of a box containing forty pouuds of powdor, was discovered liy a polioeinan aftpr tho f use had been ligbted. A.u Irish newspnper was found among the packings of the powder. SÜMM tlila diacovery extra precautions have beon taken for tlie safety of parlinment. JeD. Wood staies that au agreemeut has beeu reached with the Boer triumvirate on most of the important points under discussion, the Boers reservini; oue or two for future consideratlon. A graud indiintiial exbibition began In Tokio, Japan, March 1. It was opened by the mikado in person. Pespite thi ppace uegotiations, both Boers au'! üritish aie preparing for hostilities. The armistico has lieen prolonged on account of Lor.l Kimberle; telegraplung that he could not acci-pt the Boer proposals. President Braud was expccted at the Boer camp Friday, whenitwas hoped thatan agrneineut could be reachcd. In the Britlsh bouBe of commons Mr. Miiudelta, vice president of tho councll, denied tho statement tliat the ministry iutended to extend the period of qunrantine to which American vessels briuging animáis are Hable. Tho Russian minister ot forelcn affaire lias addressed a to the Russian representativas abroad, diidaring tbat the einperor?s foreign polioy y bu tmtirely pacific, and that his atteution wiil be directed to the improvemeut of the luternal affairs of hls empire. The ororreaclilng of the Liverpool authoritles in chargiug excesBive harbor dues, lias driven the Oldhani cctton manufacturera to use Garston as their cotton reoeiving port. The pope iastmcts the Ruesian priests onder his authorlty to eay inasses for the dead czar and wi'ite pastoral letters In favor of the new one. It is represented by Brltish correspondente that there is considerable sentiment among the Boers in favor of British rulo. The latest news from the Boers reporta that the arniistlce has been prolouged for a fortnht. Turkey has made additiona! couceesions on tho Greelc boundary question. she willcode Cíete and Thessaly, but uot Epirt. Grece is ready to act protnpily in case of hostilities. President (ir!v.v has aocepted ilie invitado extended by the Uoited Swtes t9 Frauw, t particípate ia tbe centennial celebratioa of th Bdtish surrender at Vorktowu. There is a seriou alarm among the royalists and Ppnservatlvee of Spain at the outspoke demonstraiions of republicanlsm in íía.'.ri; Many arreste are beiug mud in St. Petersbori and also which show that th whole social system of Eimsia is honcy combe with revolution. In the house of commons Mr. Gladston stated his proffraranie as follows: Te intro duce the Irish land bill April 7, adjourn fo Easter April b, reassemble April 27, and im iiiediately vote ou tho second readiug of th bill. The hous?, in committee of supply, votec L148,000 for anny oxpendittires in the Trans vaal war and L210,000 for extraordinary trans portation sorvicoiu that war.


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