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Wasted Efforts To Be Funny

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Take, na a very simple íllustration, the case of the young man who liad been offered a saneer of delicately salted ice-cream by two young ladies, who waited in convulsivo glee for the first grimace and its attendant romarks. Not a gesture or word betrayed he had noticed it at all. Still talking lightly of last night's Germán and to-rnorrow's tennis, lie finished the entire saucerful, then, bowing slightly, lefL the room. Was ever "fun" more delicately spoiled ? Take again tho case of a certain college professor, who had almost abolished practical joking on the facnlty, not by punishing, but by fooling, the intendod run of the students. Informed one nlght that the students were painting the walls of the chapel, "Very well," he said quietly' "let them paint; but teil me when they are through." Dressing hastily, he went about the town, rousing every painter in the place, and as the last student went out of the chapel a dozen artisans went in. Next morning, when there was an unusually large attendance at prayers, behold the calcimined walls as fair as ever! The dignity of tbe college had not been allowed to bo insulteri, yet never a student was ever questioned, blanied, marked or expelled. In the same manner, whon the tongue of the bell liad been removed one nicht, anothcr was in lts place before daten; and the nstonishod students wore summoned to Iheir devotions at the usual hour. Again, when the wlieel of tlie organ disappeared and the organist liad been secretly informed that hls services would not be required the next day one of the very delinquents was callëd upon to take his place, flnding, to hls chagrín, that the keys responded dutif ully to his touch. If it is the "ailent organ" that "loudest chants the master's requiem," in this case it was certainly the organ's inusic that chanted loudest the humiliation of the guilty. 2o wonder that the students at that institution have about decided that what niay be callea hazing the professors does not pay. Said the boys at Rugby: "There's no fun in telling Arnoíd a lie, for ho always believes us!" Anthropomorphism will never be obliterated from the minds of the unintellectual. Thoir god, at the best, will norer be anything more than the anganüc shaclow of a man - a vast phantom of humanity - like ono of those Alpine spectres seen in the midst of the cloirls by him who turns his back on the sun. - Draper. A negro has been elected a member of the National Association of Mexican Veterans, who have just held a convention in Louisville. He is very black, and was given his freedom by ITenry Clay for gallant conduct at Buena Vista "


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