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Real Estate Transfers

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The tollowing are the transfers of real estáte for the week emling Wednesday, March 30 : WARRANT? DEKDS. Prince Bennett (by adm.) to Mary D. Bennett, property ia Ypsilanti, $20. Herbert C. Darling to Cbas. Merritt, 40 acres sec 23 Augusta, $500. lienedict B. Williams to Win. J. McDonald, property in JDexter vil lage, $350. Peter Seper to Chas. J. Saddler, 80 acres sec 8, üexter, $2,800. Juo. Biokan to Jas. S. Brokun, 160 acres sec 20 JXorthneld, $0,000, Albert Vaualta to Eugene Dono van, 40 acres sec 13 Northfield, $2,500. Geo. B Vauatta to Jas. Vauatta, 80 acres sec 11 Northfield, $2,000. Jno. Schneider to Jno. Schneider, Jr., property in Ann Arbor city, $1,500. Richard Glaaier to Chas. Ii. Wade, 150 acres sec 22 Aan Arbor town, $10,887.50. ('has. H. Kempf to Mary F, Van Tyne, property in Chelsea, $850. Wilber West to Benj. D. Kelly, 1C3 acres sec 28 Ypsilanti, $5,800. Nash A. Cntteiiden to Fred Mayer, 80 acres sec 44 Piltsfleld $4,000. Frederick Oesterie to J. Andrew Kalambach, land in sec 11 Sylvan, $1. Jno. Oesterlin and F'ederick Oesterlin to J. Adam Kalambach, land in sec 11 Sylvan, $300. S. E. llenion et al to Eliza Williams, property in Anu Arbor, $1,325. E. J. Knowlton to Sarah E. Pattengill, property in Anu Arbor, $500. E. J. Knowlton to Cathcriue E. Jones lot in Ann Arbor, $600. Frederick Oesterlin to Jno. Remenschneider, 58 acres sec 10 Sylvan, $1. Richard McQuillan tojas. Armstrong, 160 acres sec 17 Webster, $6,000. Alfred Q, Torrey to Lambert Gieske, 160 acres sec 22 Sharon, $10,500. Soloinon Sondheim to Eva Sondheim, property in Ann Arbor; consideration, love and affection. Anna G. Cremer to W. B. Sinith, 40 aeres sec 13 Ypsilanti, $1,400. Eli O. Smith to üwella E. Smith, 156 acres sec 14, Salem, $500. Solomon Sondheim to Eva Sundheim, property in Ann Arbor. $1. Sarah Ellsworth to Mary E. Moore, property in Ann Arbor, $1. 3&OB68 Bartlett to Orlanda E. Carpenter property iu Manchester village, $400. Anthony 11. Farley to Philip Digby, 1 acre sec 11 Salem, $225. Jas. M. Hill to Jno. S. Dunu, pioperty in Ann Arbor, $125. Eli O. Smith to Dwella E. Smith, lot 4 b 1 village of Salem, $400. Josepli II. Durand to Wm. E. Depew property in Chelsea village, $66. Abraham Meyer to David Meyer, land in sec 12 Saline, $1. Divid A. Kelly to Caroline S. Alderton lot 459 Norris' ad Ypsilanti, $1,500. QUIT-CLAIM DESDS. Win, Howard to Martin Howaid, land in sec 10 Northfleld, $507. David Meyer to Abraham Meyer, land in sec 12 Saline, $3,000. Edward Duffy to Jno. Collins, property in Ypsilanti, $2,800. A. II. Partridge to Mack & Schmid, property in Ann Arbor, $190.