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The great success vvith the wonderful joy Dengreinont has achieved in New York has inspired a writer on musical opica topublish ui article in which he xpresses his belief that the deslíe i'or liat wliieli is novel and sensational is greater than the love of art for its own ake. Of courseit is, we never doubted liis fact and could not understand how teople could be so sanguine as not to ee it. But it is not true in America ilone; the same thing may be said in Surope, and it would be ntterly wrong o draw conclusionsagainst this country 'rom the mere fact that the public hows attention to all which iffords ïovelty and sensation. That Dengrenont at his performance with the Symphony Society drew alarger amor ut of money than Wilhelmj in a previous concert is not astonfahing. This is Wilhelmj's third season in America, vhile the boy has only been about two months in this country. But even vare botli these artists on in equal footng in regard to novelty, we hardly liink tliat Wilhelmj could ever reuen he degree of J)engreniont popularity. )engremont is a boy and plays like a nan; there is a rare degree oí' physical levolopinent inthis yonng brain, wlinh s sometimos of striking grandeur. Wilíelinj is a great artist, butthere isnothng sUrring in him, he representa the lerman school, which is free from all sensational qualities. And this is tlic very reason tliat even in Gerniany tliis school has been discredited and had to suffer wlien íoreign violinists visited ierinany. They cali Jose)li Joachim l Germán artist; we do not object, but we must not foiget tliat in reality he is i Hungarian by birth, and that lie is ,he only one ainong the violinist oí' thc so-called Germán school who by instinct md innato powers abándose the dry rules of plastic form for the sake of sensational qualities. Fscts prove tliat Sara?ate and Dengremont attracted crowded audiences in Gerinany, while Wilnétmj pláyed before a sinall congregation of connoisseurs. Even Emile Sauret, who is not one of the grealesl violinist of the day, aroused the (ercnans, md made for himself an enviable position in the Fatherland. Tlie sensation in art cannot be discanUtl, and we cannot see any reason why it should. Art cannot lose by it, provided the sensational element remains on solid ground and has a sound basis. - The Mwsv al ( "ril ie. "We inen of tlic Uourse," lie saicl to liis (riend, "are much caJumniated. I have now heen at tho Bourse fór more bhan ten y ears, and I never knew bul two rascáis wh amoumted fcoanjlhing." "And wlio is tlu othoi'V" asked i 1 ie fi-iend. A little girl visiting a neighbór wüh lier mothet, was gasing curiously at the liost's new bonnet, when the tiwnea queried: "Do you likeit, Laura?" The innocent replied: "Wiiy, mother saidit was i perfect fright; but it ilon't scare me."


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