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Engliah farming lands have depre Clated vvitliin i few ye;irs in rental val ue at least $5 per acre per mum. Englaad raises about 150,000,000 pounds of wool per year, and Importa upwards of 450,000,000 pounds per an num. Thenecessity of the times is to convert unskilled and unprofitable farmiuj iuto a skilied and proiitable industry. All cereals want ammonia, it is the leading element of fertilization; root crops demand potash and phosphoric acid. Spring wheat, Spring rye and oats inay be sown as sooa as theground can be plovved; a little f reezing never injures the young planta. At the present time one of the most popular breed of cattle in the West is tlie Polled Angus. Importations ire eontinually being made of this breed. During the month of January last, 41,582 head of cattle were shipped from this continent to Europe; of this number, 1076 were lost, or about one in every forty. Pennsylvania farmers claim that bran when mixed with corn iue&l of the saine weight will produce more weight in an animal than feeding pure (jorn meal. ïhey are beginning to use Indian corn in England, instead of barley, to inake malt. If the experiment proves to be practical it will cause an inereased demand for American corn, and farmers will always haye a place to put their surplus grain. Only a few years ago sheep were beïng sent in large quantities to Califorlia; now the trade is reversed, and California has sent sheep to Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho and Utah, and t is expeeted that tliis year they will be sent even further east. The dairying industry enriches the soil, while the growth of corn and wheat depletes it. The corn erop is estimated in value at about $600,000,000, while the value of the phosphorjc icid and potash taken from the soil to iroduce such a erop is in round ligares 116,000,000. The United States supply England with nearly twice as much wheat and lour as all the rest of the world com)ined, with nearly ten times as mueh is Canada or Australia, thirteen times as much as India, lifteen times as much of Kussia or Germany, and nearly thiry times as much as Egypt. That food for cattle is said to be the most economical, which contains one )ound of albuminoids (muscular mater) to tive pounds of carbêhydrates sugar, starch, gum and flr). A variition from these proportions is a loss. iconomy in feeding is to keep thoso wo articles in the proportions above nentioned. A lady who has raised a large mimer of hens says that, after vainly tryng the recommended remedies for lice, he hit upon the plan of giving them once or twice a week a large loaf made of Graham flour in which a handful of ulphnr has been mixed. The hens ike it, and are freed from lice, and tept healthy througli the season.


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