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Real Estate Transfers

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The followiug aro the transfers of real estáte for the week entling Wednesday, April 13: WARKANTY DEKDS. Fraderick Kerfess to Barbara Weiss, property in Manchester village, $300. L. D. Watkios to Martin Traub, property in Manchester village, f400. J. M. Wheeler to Jacob Gaiizhorn, 35 acres sec 20 Ann Arbor towu, $2,135. Missionary society M. E. churcn to Win. F. Kehfesa, lot in Ann Arbor, f140. Alonzo Alsaver to Harriet A. Stark, land in sec 2 Webster, $70. Julia Murray (by adminiatrator) to E. R. Doane, 200 acres sec 23 Dexter, $3 - 400. Evan Begole to David Beaubein, property in Anu Arbor, $1,400. Wm. B. üsboru to Geo. E. Osborn, 80 acres sec 18 Sharon, $4,000. David G. Lancaster to Michael ColemaQ, 160 acres sec 33 Manchester, $4,800. JLewis H. Van Autwerp to Zeliuda Van Antwerp, lot 10 Cüelsea, $1,000. Jacob Weise to Joseph W. Sweet, 40 acres sec 35 Ypsilauti, $1,800. D. J. Stuik to D. Corey 05 acres sec 2 Salem, $2,900. Millard F. Coleman to Sarah E. Rice, land in sec 12 AnD Arbor, $3ül. Frederick WaüirigUt to Jas. AI. Taylor, 27 acres sec 31 Bridgewater, $575. Jas. A. Graghty to Jas. Riggs, property in Chelsea, $200. Dennis Corey to D. J. Stark, lot 5 Delhi village, $000. Wm. Cross to Donald G. Fraser, propertv in Ypsiianti, $400. Win. B. üsborn to Wm. D. Allen, land in sec 18 Sharon, $2,500. Edmund L. Derbyshire to Henry Hardy land in sec 11 Augusta, $450. Willard W. Blanchard to Frederick Grof, property in Ann Arbor, $675. Harvey Cornwell to Moses C. Tyler, property in Ann Arbor, $500. Sarah H. Elliot to Wm. Hulbert, 90 arres sec 33 Ann Arbor town, $Y,500. Wm. Hul lert tojas. W. Ilulbert, 3 acres sec 3Í Ann Arbor town, $1 . Chas. M. Qlenn to Emily J. Whalean land in sec 17 Dexter, $1,900. Eugene Douovan to Patrick Donovan 92 and 1-2 acres sec 15 Northfield, $600. Chas. Karcher to Jno. Schaible, 100 acres sec 35 Lima, $6,000. Timotby E. Sullivan to Michael D Sullivan, 340 acres sec 14 Lyndon, $4 - 600. Susan C. Chandler to Wm. Campbell 220 acres sec 3 Pittsfield, $20,567. Wm. Campbell to Susan O. Chandler land in Ypsilanti town, $4,000. Maltin Eberele to David Regetz, 10 acres sec 29 Lodi, $475. Jacob Beek to Lydia C. Jedele, land in Ann Arbor town, $1,800. Mary D. Bennett to Harrison Fairchild and Lester L. Ilayden, property in Ypsi lanti, $625. Wm. Losee to Jas. F. Godl'rey, land in sec 28 Augusta, $1,500. Jno. A. Wathng to Benj. Curtis, 20 acres sec 34 Augusta, $400. Daniel W. Losee to Jas. F. Godfrey, 10 acres sec 28 Augusta, $500. Ann Amelia Suunk to Wm. II. Davidson, 187 acres sec 35 and 36 Sylvan, $2,700. Jno. C. Sbunk to Wm. II. Davidson, 187 acres sec 35 and 36 Sylvau, $5,000. Alonzo Cookright to August Zulkey, lot in Chelsea village $450. Thos Kelly to Andrew Damon, lots in Ann Arbor, $2,000. Jno. N. Gott to Gilbert M. Monroe, property in Ann Arbor, $255. Ira Bassett to Jortin Forbes, land in Lodi, $50. QÜIT-OLAIM BESDS. Adella E. Pierce et a! to Charles M. Glenn, land in Dexter township, $4,265. Emily J. Wbalian to Chas. Ál. Glenn, land in Dexter township, $3,198.75. Jno. Mullen to Jas. Mullen, land in sec 31 and 32 Lyndon, $300. Andrew Miller to jno. W. VanDerwerker, 20 acres sec 16 Augusta, $690.