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havid Scanlon, tged 20, engaged in ballasting on tlie Uutlcr road at Adrián, was struck liy 'a baoking gravel train and run over by a flat car. His thighs aro cruehed and liis legs terrlbly lacerated. Recovory Is hopeless. A young man iiaiucd (iilbert (.'urrie,23years old, was straek by an engine on the Flint and Pure Marquette road about four miles from Midlanil. He was intoxicated, and was Bitting ni the track. His skull was fractured, and he will die. Bomer Andrews, the assailant and robber of Thomas Joods, near Wlxotn, Oakland county, has hm dlscharged on tl' charge o( attempting to uiurder, and re-arrested on charge of robtiery. His examlnation is set for April H. John M. Farland and James M. Wilkinson have been renominated for receivers of public moneys at Detroit aml Marquette respectively. Alfred Jenks, a deaf mute living four miles froni Owosso, was struck and instantly killed by the mail train west on the Detroit, Grand Haven and Milwaukee railroad. No blauie is attacbed to the engineer. The ooroner's lury reudered a verdict accordingly. The controller of Detroit has deeded a porüon of Belle Isle to the United States government, to be nsed for lighthouse purposes, under a resolution of the coiumon In case the lighthouse íb not built, the property reverts back to the city. Mayor J. A. Stacey of Adrián, is ill with bronchial pneumonía and is uot expected to recover. The election on Tuesday resulted in the usual Republiean majority throughout the state, From present indications it seems probable that the constitutional amendmenta are all carried. The Detroit base ball club lost the game with the Hetropolitaus of New York by a score of tbree to six. Mis. Upriglrt who was fatally hot by her husbaud on March 19, died at Stanton, having ivrd within three hours of 15 days after being shot through the brain. Monday Rfternoou citizens of Hastings were startled by the arrival of a special messeiigfir for Sheriff Houghtuliug, who statod that Martin Li'xtcr of Irviug township was lying ie a pool of blood and was nuppoBed to be dead, at the residence of Benjamin Trego, a prominent of citizen that place. Later developments show that Lexter had been struck across the right side of tiis head, above the ear, with the back of an ax, crushing in t!ie head and causiug bis (ieath almost inbtently. At the time of the killiují lie and Trego were alone in the bous. The first discovery was caused by seeiug Trego walking back and forth on tNe porch, by bis brother, who went over to learn the cause, and to him Benjamin said: "Martin is in there, dead," but gavs no account of the troublo. He Uien ran and hid in the corn crib. An hour later be was arrested by Sheriff Hoiightaling and taken to the city. Trego ■aya that he and Lextwr had no diffieulty. and the general opinión is that he was laboriag trom mental troubles, of whirh he had sliown sigus for some time, but no one can teil. Marquette Mimug Joarnal: A gentleman from Randolpb's camp at Grand Marías tells u8 tbat six barrels of sauer-kraut were disposed of in twelve meals by the hungry woodsmen, and tliat there was but one Dutchman in the shanty. Maniste Tiineeand Standard, 2d: One bundred and forty days of sleighing to date in Mmiiflae, with the prospect of at least ten days more in the woods. This surpasaes the worst ever kuown aud uiay it be long before it is repeatod. Hancock Miuing Journal: Jaines Folley, a tramnier employed at the Hancock mine, carelessly walked iuto the shaft opening in the fifty-fatliom level on Thursday last and feil to a pomt haif way between the sixty and seventy-fatltom levéis - about 120 feet. His injuries, wliile serious, are probably not fatal, ani his recovery is hoped for. Jaekson Patriot: The Carter brothere have struck coal on the Deyo farm, two miles east of Üie city, of a very excellent quality. After penetrating the veiu atiout three feet their pumps became disabled, and they are compl!el for the preseut to suspeud operatione. It is conjectured the stratum of mineral discovered is from three and a half to four feet tliiek, and as soon as the necesBary appliances can be got ready it will be devoloped by the owners. The shaft Í6 only about one nundred feet froui the track of the Michigan Central railroad. John T. Rich has a majority of about 3,500 in the Reventb district for congreBsnian to aucceed Mr. Couger. rrego, me tsarry coumy inuraerer is lernuiy prostrated jitiysically, and is under the care of the best physicians, but they claim that he is perfectly sane so far as tbey can judge. It is stated that his attorney, the Hon. James A. Swoezy, advises bim to waive examinaiion and let the case go to the circuit without any developments in the justice court, which will jirobably be done on Sweezey's return iroin the suprema court. Monday evening the Ward eievator at Vicksburg, Bishop t Robinsou proprietors, was discovered to be on fire alwut 7:30 o'clock and soon buroed to tbe Kround. It contained 2,000 bushels of wheat, of which 800 was insured, and 200 bushels of oats. The building Is roughly estimated at f 1,200, ingured for $800. The total loss ranges from $4,000 to $4,500. The balance of cash in the state treasury, Marcti 2rt, was $2,073,'.W.l.37 ; receipts for the week ending April 1 were $60,372.31 ; payniciit f"r same time, $5i,O(H.4O; leaving a balance April 2, 1SM, of $2,07810.78, of which $5!tO,(KK) belougto the sinking fund, $730,114.78 are held in tlit trust funds, and $75S,19(i are available for general purposes. At tbe electiou in the townships of Novi and Lyou, Monday each town voted $250 as a reward to be paid to Gage and Parker for their servicea in the capture of Homer Andrews, tbe Wixom desperado. A girl 14 years oí age is in jai! Ín Adrián for being fournl in lKys cíothes in company witli a man vyho gave bis uame as Franklin Hoage, who claimedto lic her father. Thomas. Montieth, of Montieth. and Napoleon Paulus or Provemont, have been commissioned postinasters dated April 1. Star postal service routes from Hreenville to Langston wUI be from Gowen to Langston after April 11, omitting (ireenville. An unsuccessful attempt to break out of the Jackson penitentiary was made by four desperate convicta. Thev overpowered a keeper in one of the sbops, and, tying together some ladders, attempted to scale the wall, Threeof tin-m were shaken from the ladders before they could ascend, and the fourth, Lynch - a twenty-year man from Saginaw - who got over the wall, was shot dead by a guard. Alfred 3. Mills is elected judge of the mnth (Kalamazoo) judicial circuit, hut wliat bis net majority is it will rf quire an official canvas to determine. The Republicaus claim his majority is 217, but the Edwards men say that t will be less tlian that, though his election is conceded. Amos Wileox of Pittaford was arrested and put in jail in Hillsdali for committing a rape upon a 10-year oíd daughter of Mr. Pifer. Artliur Smith of Scipio, Hillsdsle coanty cauglit forgiug a note, was arrestad. On examininí: bistriinku full liue of burgiar'e tools, feíualo clothea, and different kinds of suits wein found. He made full confession. Two college etudents were arrested on suspicion of being the parties who entered Penfield & Co.'s book store, waived exauiination, and were released on baiL Work has been begun on the new postoffice building at Muskegou. The old coal mine at Woodville, near Jackson, is to be puinped out and worked again. Three men have been fiiied at Chboygan for kilbng deer out of season. That's rigïit! Bruce and Tliom s Gahow were arrested at South Bend. Ind., and brqught to Hillsdale and lodged in jail on nuppicion of having coinmittwl a burglary at Reading. William W. Sproul, machinist and foaeman or Andrew Harvey fe Sou, brass and iron fonndprs and machinists, at Detroit, whilo encaged i1.) repairing the elevator at A R. fe W. F. Linn's, 120 Jefferson avenue, feil headlong through the elevator hatchway on the fourth floor to the cellar, sustainiog injuries which caused his death aluiost instantly. The butcher shop of J. A. Beamlander, In West Bay City, was entered by n young man named Albert Winegarten, who went through the safe and money drawer, securing $480 in money and a gold watch and chain. The thief was captured and confessed his gailt, $280 and the watoh and chain being found up00 his person. The safe had been carelessly left unlocked. A dwelling owned by B. Cruson burned at Eaton Rapios. It bas been unoccupied for some time, and it is not known what caused it to burn. The loss is about $600. It was not insured. At BattleCreek Thomas Flynn was held for trial at the next circuit court for attempting to kill ofücer Fitch seven weeks ago. Bail was eet at 2,000. A sneak tbief entered the house of John Perry in East Saginaw, and stole $125 out of a trunk. The Detroita beat the Metropolitan base ball club at New York by a score of 17 to 7. Theodore Hilmer and Alseda Scott have been arrtwted at Millington, Tuscola county, on charge of adultery. ("Iwirlfts Ebrper, au expresa messenger on the Qreat Western, has myaterionsly disappoared, and it is suppiiRed that he conuuiUed suicide by jumping ofl the Rouge river bridge below Üntr.'it. The Vassar scliool bond, bearing 11 per cent Interest, were sold at par. People in the neishborhood of üowagiac ure ídopting the broad tire tor their waaons. Tuscola voti $660 to finish paying her bridge bonos; also Í300 to repair the bridge, ind $50 to opeu the town liue road between ruscola and Vassar. A correspondent writoe from Fhoenix, l.ake Superior, that thefifth montli of sleitíhiue has been entered upoD. Froui November 10 to December 10 it snow6d every day, nnd the , buow is now five feet deep on the level. Ab the Flint and Pere Marquette passenger train due at Eaet Saginaw at (i o'clock a. in. j was passing Northville Tlmre.iay, a young , lady 16 years of age, one of the inembei'8 of a , fainily Koing to Kiist Saginaw ou the train, got ( up from her seat and walked delibératela out , of thecariuni ulT tbe platform. Her absence 9OOB heing diRCoverrd thé train was sUpped and the lady was seen walking toward it on I the track. She had been bruised somewhat i upou the face and limbs, but received uo I ous injury. She woke up. Joe Temple, charged witli assault with inteat to kill, escaped from jnil at Ann Arbor. The annual sheep sliow and shearing festival of the Oakland Coimty Sheep Breeders' and Wool tirowers' Association will be held at Miirord on the 22(1 insl. W. W. Baker, the secretary of the association, whose address is Highland, Mich., will bo happy to furnish any ono applyiug to him with any nformation they may desire. Mayor James A. Stacy of Adrián died a little after noon Saturday. Wilson Coakley, a Bhoemaker went to Kichmond from Detroit with bis wife and two children last fall and has worked at his trade ninc then. Soon after bis arrival a second woman appeared on the scène, by the name of Annie Slurphy, and took up quarters at Coakley's house Kumors arose of illicit intercourae between Coakley and Miss Murphy. About two weeks ago Mrs. Coakley made known her trouble to C. R. Campbell, an attorney and a warrant was issued for Coakley's arrest. He. however, got wind of the sclienie and left the town, and wheu the sheriff made a forcibleeutrance into the premises of Coakley it was found that Miss Murphy had also departed through a back window. At a meeting of the offleers of the Studente, Lecture Associatioa of Ann Arbor uuiversity, the board decided to place to the credit of the gymnasium fuud the sum of $500 out of the proceeds of the association for the past ycar. The net proceeds were $675, an unusually large sum. The gymnasium fuud now amounts to altout $2,000. Sturgis Journal: Wbeat iu some portions of this vlcinity is looking niuch better tlian was at first antlcipated, although ia some places it is badly dainaged. Five buBhels of wild ric from Wisconsin will be distributed around the various lakps and bayous in tbe vicinily of (irayling tliis spring. It ts said tbat the Bhtets of water are destitute of all wild rice and the wild ducks and geese give the place a wide berth iu consequence. Mrs. Charles Hallou, who lived in Keene, seven miles north of Sarauac, was buried Friday. She weighed örtS pounds, was six feet in heigUt aud measured thirty inches across the chest. Tlie funeral director could not find a corlin or casket in Grand Rapi(!s large euough to contain tbe remains, and a case had to be mamifactured to order. For several years the deceased traveled with a show.


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