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April 6.- Both house of the legislatute ressembled in the eveuing. Tho governor sent to the sonate a coimmmicatiou vutoiiig; the act ncorporatine the village or Roscnmmon on ;onstitutional grounds. The univerwty apptopriation bilí has heen appioved. The attorney general has sent au opinión to the coinmitteo n printing, in which he holds that the Howell Min]ilatiou bill is not iii conflict with the contitution. April 7- In the senate bilis were passed aa follows: Authorizing Bay City and West Bay 2ityto construct a free bridge; amending railroad law so aato give the coramissioner of railroads power to engage experts tn examine April 8 - In the senate the following bilis rere passed: To proride for supplying certain township officers with copies of a treatise on lownships and the powere and duties of Iown8hip offlcers ; amending section 5057 of Conipiled Laws, in relatiou to the general powers, duties and juiisdiction of the circuit courts in chancery; relative to the service of process upon Insurance compauies not incorporaied under the laws of the state; to aulhorize 8ntts to be brought against insurance compaoies organized under the laws of tho state in the circuit court of any county in this stato iniwhick the plaintiff uiay reside and sucli company issue poücles and take risks; aniending section 2952 of Compiled Laws relative to life insurance companies transacting business in tliis state; toestablisb an upper house in the common council of ;he city of Detroit; amending the charter of the city of Detroit; auieuding the liquor tax law. A nuuiber of local bilis were also paseed. In the house the followiug bilis were passed : Aathorizing tb COmmOD couucil of Detroit to use for a court room and public offices the upper part of the wutral market building; fr the organization of ir.depeudent military eompanies; amending l;iws relative to superior court of Grand RapiiR A report was subniitted fiom the coniuüttee to investígate tho stationery contract of the state with Richmond, Uackus & Co. of Betroit, which was bosüle t that firm; but it appearing to the satisfaction of the house that the report was enürely ex parte, and that the oom mitteo liad not exaiuined members of tho firm in regard to the charges against tliem, the house very properly reconsidered the order to print the report aud referreil it hack to the couimittee. April 9. - In the senate the biil to establish a department of eclectic medicine in Michigan univermty was favorably reportwl upon by the committee. The following bilis were pansed : House file 222, appropriating H.vauip lamin to drain and reolaim certain swamp lands in the townships of Bunker Hill and Inghani, in Inghaui county. House file 17i), amending section 11 of act No. ItiS, public acts, 187ÍI, relative to the publication, stereotyping, printiug, binding, and distribution and saie of the reporte of the decisions of the supreme court. House file 195, amending scction 124 of the sessiqn laws of 1874 relativo to courts held by justices of the peace. Sente file 146, to prevent aud puniah the adulteration of articles of food, driuk and medicine, and the sale of the same when adulterated. The following bilis passed the house : Houne file,267, auiendiug 1,961 of Compiled Laws, relative to (Jisorderly persons. House file 264, to provide for the correct weighiug and accounting of live and dressed stock aud other animáis, and produce when offerod for sale. House file 260, aniwiding the charter of the yillage of St. Joseph. House file 255, to authorizH and regúlate within this state the business of plate glass, accident, steam boiler and fidelity insurance, aud to rnpeal acts 42 and 72 of the aession laws of 1877. House joint resolution 23, authori.iiig the issue of a patent to Win. H. Thayer for certain sdiool lands in Berrien county. House file 276. amending the charter of the Tillage of Fowlerville.


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