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In the Bntish house of lords Lord Oairns made a speech attacking the goverument policy in the Transvaal and denouucing witn bitteruraB the tonus ofpeace. Lord Kimberly colonial secretary, defended the action of the government I,ortl Salisbury denounced it. The ubject was then dropped. - In the hoime of coininons Mr. Gladstone said that he could not state precisely whether Nugland would be rvprBeuted at the monetary conference. A motion was made tbat imitations of butter Importad from the United States should be sold only under distinctive nanies, and that tliose Imrtfiil to bealth be prohibited. The president of the board of health opposed the motion hayïnir that these imitations had not reduced the price of butter and were not unuealthful; and i was negatived, 75 to 5'.'. If the house of lords refuses to remit the fines imposed on Bradlaugh, the government will introduce a bilí for their remission in the house of commouH. Greece wlll reject the proposals of the porte relative to tbe boundary. Lord Beaconsfield's pliysicians state that the crisis of hls illness is passed, and that there is every ground to hope for his recovery. The Rev. Henry Varley will eontest Bradlaugh'i election in Northamptou. A Hooil iuthe (ioadulQuivir valley, in Spain, threatened to do great damage. Tl ezploting xpedition for a tnuu-Sahsra rallway h;is been attadked by native ami ;iimoflt entirely auuihilatfit. Only a fow have eseaped to teil the tal. A iihilnnthropieal society has been formad in Russki to provide for tlie faniilioa of those killod or injured in ths struggle atfiiinst niliilíbdi. Ai; earthquake on tlie island of ('liio, or Scin, in thp Egeau ea, belonging to Turkey, destroyed iiiucli propwrty. The number of prsonn killed and injuiwl amountud to 3,(HX). Tlie troops sent by the ameer of Afghanistan to oceupy Caixlaliar will reacli thre on the 12tb inst. without difüculty. (en. Wood denles the story of the repulse by Boer besieger of a sortie frora tlie (arrison of PretoriaLord Spencer Churchill is anxious to know whrther Sir diarios Dilke and Thomas lïrassey members of th Kuglish cabinet, have been ooutributors to the Freiheit. The authorities of the London custom house have been warned of a conspiracy to blow it up. There is much sufTering in Cliio froui the effects of the itartlxinake, and active eflorts are being made for relief. The floods in Spain are on the increase, and niany disasters are reported, Noerotiatious for the Inclusión of Hamburg in Hm Zollverein will be energetically pushed af ter Easter. Kussia conditionB her recognition of Rouniauia as a kingdom upon the adoption of uieasures against Nihi'ists there. The representatives of the Kuropean powers have made a new proposition to Ureew and the porte on the boundary question, and will press it vigorously upon Ureoce. A change in tbe üreek ministry is hoped for by the sauois oí loe powers. In the British house of conimons, T. P O'Conner, Home Ruler, complained of tlio in creasing frequency of evictions. Mr. Forster 8ecretary for I relamí, reepoudeil that the larie league was responsible for tuis, as it had urged Umauts not to pay renta. Tho Telegraph says that the Conservative will oppoae allowing Bradlaugh to take ai oatli, Bhould he be re-elected, on the gronn that it woulil not De more binding upon hin than au affirmation. Supplies are being forwarded from Athen to the earthquaked islaud of Chio. An earth quake occurred in the Ionian sea but no se rious damage has been done. It Is rumored that a new proposal in regard to the boündary question wil] be made to (Jreeco by the powers. A grand military re view was held at Athens Monday. l'ive thousand lives are reported lost by Ui earthquakeat Cbio. Forty thousaud peoyl are destitute. Efforts are being made fo their relief. A bulletiu published Thursday moruingan nounced a change for the better in Lord Bea consfield'g condition. There is now no fea of a fatal teruiiuation to the severe attark o VVednesday; but bis condition is till ver critical. The Freiticit editor has been coinmitted t trial in Londou ou chaige of ineitins; peopl of a foreigu country to rebellion. Bail wa refused. In the Freucuasenate the minister of finance declred that the United States, France, th Netherlands, Italy and Spain would agree t favor a hi metallic currency. In the debat which followed a general expression wa mado in favor o( silver coinage. The (ïrand Duke Nicholas Constantinovitcl coustn of the present czar, has heen arreste on suHpicion of being engaged in a political conspiracy. A vote of confidenos in the Italian ministry was defeated in the chamber of deputies Thursday and the ministers will resign. In the English university race on the Thames, Oxford won easily in u spleu !id race, lioth crews doing admirable work. Oxford has won the race for severa] consecutive years, beating Cambridge. In the British house of coninions, Lord Elcho (Cou8ervative) gave notice of an amendment declaring the land bill unsound, unjust and impqlitic. Sir Stafford Nortlicote, the Conservativo leader, disavowed, in behalf ol the party, any reponsi bility for Lord Elcho'i nendinenL Mr. Beach (Conservativa) gave notice of a motion condsinning the governinent's course in reference to the Transvaal. In the house of Iord8 the duke of Argyle announced Iiír resignation as a meniber of the eabinet, saying that it was eaused by the land bil) alone. Both houses of parliauient buve adjourned till after Easter. Important East Indian and London banks have prescnted a memorial to the British secretary of state, askiug for the representation of Eugland at the monetary conference. No leas tlun eight thousand persona perislied in the Chio earthquake and forty thousand are left destitute- that is, if the Chious teil Uie tnith. It is raported that the nihilist coininittee has proposed to the czar to cease from further conspiracy if he will grant a constitutional government to Russia and ainnesty for political offenders. The trial of the alleged assassins of the czar bogan Thurmlay. A number of distinguished visitors were preseuv, and the representativos of the foreigu press were giveu ten seats. There are t4 witnesses and eleven experts to be examined. Jeliaboff, one of the accused, made au intreeting statement of bis liistory, faith and profession. Chili bas otfered terniB of peace to Peru and Bolivia, wbtch the latter will perfore accept. The terina are very hard, and their acceptance reduces Peru to at least a teinporary dependency of Chili. She cedes a large amount of territory and agrees to pay all the expenses of the war, ucluding the cost of the Clnlian vessuls destioyed iu the war, and also to pay the ChUlas tiiuiisou which will be stationed in Peru to enforce the treaty, promises not to fortify her ports for ftfty years, or build a uavy for forty years, and to yield the producís of the guano islande to Chili and Peru, hut the Peruvian sliare being applied to the war indemnity uutil it is dischargod. These are humiliating conditions, hut Peru has only itself to i lame for tlicin. It began an unjust war against Chili and has lieen terribly defeated. It must pay the penalty. Charles Bradlaugh was re-electert to the house of commons from Nortbatnpton on Saturday. The will of Thomas Carlyle coutainaa paragraph exprepsing sentinients of friendship toward the United Statas, aud bequeathing to Harvard l niversity the books which he used in writing the lives of Oliver Cromwell and Frederick the (ireat. The kiug of Italy has accepted the resignations of the Italian ministry. It was overthrown on the allegation tbat it had failed to do lts duty in opposiug the course of France in Tunin. No new minietry lias yet been fonued. Reversing the usual proceedings of criminal trials, the evidence in the caso of the Rusniau conspirators was begun by exainining the accused themselvee. Most of them ackuow'edged tbeir complicity in the couspiracy against the czar with frankuess and courage.


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