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Lan-sino, April 8, 1881. The olection recess (and probably tlie isl of any lengtli ttaat the legislature vill take tliis session) is over, and both ïouses recoiivcncil on Wednesday avenue, witli fair working majofities. Petitions are again coming in (loods ij n the I'UOPOSED rilOMBITOKY AMHNDMENT isking tliat said amendment bfl now Bubmftted to the voter in 1882. The H'ogramme seems to be to secare il' )ossib)e, enotigh strength from this souree to enable the friends of the mensure to gain the one vote in the tenate and tl nee in the house that were acking upon the tonner trial. It now seems not improbable that ënough votes can be secura! for the submission Í7i 1882, those most intereBted clainiing ;hat this notice of a year would give dealers ampie opportunity to get riil of stocks now on hand and thus nwke thc law, if it finally become one, far less objectional than if it were forced upon the people at short notii c Governor Jerome iinprovod the recess in writing ANOTHEU VETO message, the subject upon which lic bhonght proper to exercise hisconstitutional right beinga bill for thé incorporat'on of the village ol' RoscomiiHiii, in Koseonnnon county. Ilebased h is object i on on tlie gruund that une section of the act regarding the assessing and taking of land for the use of such village is so worded asto beclearly in conflict vith a certain section of the constitution of the state. I MPORTANT A PP ROTA ÍS. The Governor has, however, made soiue important approvals during the weck, prominent axnong the list being the bill to authorize the formation l' eleetiie light companies; making 141propriation for a library building and for current expenses at the university ; requiring snpreme eotrrt judges to prepare and lile a sylabus of all cases deeided by tliem ; to index arphabetically all namea of soldiers of late war found on records of adjutant general ; making numerous appropriations of awamp land. ín regard to this last, many legislators argue that the soöner the state gets rid of all her swamp land, tnesooner wiU it becometaiable. The sonate has boiled (ive different bilis upon tlic subject of COMMON SCHOOIT down into one monster aft'air, ordered it reprinted and made a special order for April 12th, when it is verymuch to be hoped that the outcome of the discussion will be something that shall be largely in advance of the present townBhip system a.s now in effect in many townships in the state. It is a sad fact that many men who are now lilling only partiy mil however) the oflices or owiiship superintendente of schools annot write a short letter without 'earful blunders in their composition, spelling and imictuation, so that they ;ould not justly obtain a third grade ;ertilicate to teacli. LIQUOU TAX. The failure of either house to pass :hus for the prohlbitory amendment lias caused its champions to set themüelves at work to strengtlien up the present liquor tax law, to tlie end that it may bear as lieavily as possible upon the trafflc, and when Senator Farr's bill to amend eertain sections of the law of 1879, entitled "An act to provide for the taxation of the business of maiiui'acturiiig and selling s])irituous and intoxicating, malt, brewed or ferraented liquors," was made a special order for this afternoon, knowing ones lelt that the liglit was to beopened up in all its strength. The bill as printed and placed on the order ol' third reading proposed to largely increase the tax on retailing or wholesaling liquors, and to place beer-sellers upon tlie sanie footing, in other words niake a uniform tax;andalso to tax lieavily the business of manufacturing. After a whole afternoon spent by the opposition in trying to araend the bill so as to retain the distinction as it. now exists, cut down the proposed high tax and leave the question of manufacturing where it now is, and by the supporters of the bill in iighting the amendments, the bill was Bnally passed, 19 to 9, Senator Cplis, Cbandler, Dow, Oibson, Greusel, Ijovell, Kussell, Swift and Welch voting no. As it inakes sucta radical changee, we give the bill herewlth, excepting the last section which simply provides for paying the inoney to the proper oflicers, etc. Sec 1. Io all towiiships, cities nnJ villages in tliis state there símil be paid aimunlly the tollowlng tx upon the business ot selline;, or keepiug for mie. by all persous whose business in wliole or in part oonsists in sulling or keepiag for sale distilled, uiall, brewed, fermentwd or riuous liquors, or mixed lkjuors, as follows: Upon tlie business of selliuu or kesping for sale spirituous, rualt, brewed, feniient eti or vinous liquors, or uiixod liquore, by retal], qr any mixture or oouipound, ixcepting propneiary paieni inumciues, wuicn in wiioie or in part consista of spirituous, malt, brewed, fermented or vinous Uqnon, tlie suin of three hundred dollars per annuin; upon the bnsinesf of selling splrituouH, malt, brewed, fwiiidiiici or vinous liijiuirs at Wholesale, or ut wholesale and reUil, live hundred dollars per nnniiin. l'rorided, that in case the quMitity of malt 01 hrewed liquors sold at Wholesale bo less than 1,500 barrels per year, the sum stia.ll be three hundred dollars. Sec 4. Any pcrson enga?ing in any such husinoss atter th firet Monday in May in eacb year shall, before r-niniiiencim; such business, make and file the iike statement on oath, as is provided for iu soction throe of this act, and pay in advance to Baid county treasurer a pro rata portion of the yearly tax on sncti business, as provided in sectiou one, for the remainder of the year endino on the first Monday of May next énsuing; and In compatlng the time of siich fractional part of a year for whioh a tax la ilemanded, thé tax shall commence on the fiist Monday of that innnth in which said Iinsinfss sha 1 oommeuce. Bat uo tax shall he leas than one half of the yearly tax. Sec. fi. If auy pei-son or perBons shall engace or be eugaged in any business requirin tli payment of a tax, under section one of ihi act withont haviug paid in full the tax requlred by this act, aud without having the receipt aud notice for siich tax posteil up as required liy this act, or sliall in auy marnier violato any ol the provisions of thi act, such person or persons shall be deeiued guilty of a misdomeauor, aud, upou convictiou thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not less t!:an fifty dollars nor more tliau one hundred dollars, and by iuiprisonment in the county jail not less than ten nor more thau uiuety dan, in the discreHou f the court. And for each and every day iu which ny persou or persous shall be engagud n any such business without payuient of the tax herein required, and without posting of the receipt and notic as herein provided, he hall be deeiued gnilty of a new, separate, and distinct violatiou uf this act, and shall be punhIumI therefor as above provided. And any persou or persons who shall have paid a tax under the provisions of this act, and who shall thereafter extend or enlarge liis said business, or do any act or tliing contrary to the provisions of this act, or do anytbiug reiiuiring tbe payment of a larger tax without haviug paid to the couuty treasury such eularged tax aud posting the rtceipt aud uotice as required by this act, ehall be deeraed guilty of a misdemeanor. and, on conviction thereof, sball be punished as herein provided. srximiK-sThe bilí ('luinging the names of st'veral cbildren of Grand Rápida, Erom Robert, Martha, Frank, Charles and Mary Bourzutechky, was only ft tardy iet of justice, as no children having such a jaw-foreaklng name1 could be expeeted to live long, and they wil] ïmw lc known as Gilnici-. Predictions as to the lengtli of the session are now being (iiially indulged in, many fiiiling to see how the end can be reached nmch if any before June. Now that the eleetion is over, the rush of charter amenamente and ineorporations will be small as eompared to the work before eleetion. Ttteii each man had .1 scheme or bilí tliat he thought more important than any before the legislatura. The legislative manual for 1881 is now all piïnted and will he ready for' distribution within a week. Like that of 1876 it is to be a very raluable book. The house refused to pass the lull ])iisscd by tlu senate giving the merabers from the upper península $5 insteart of 3 per day a-s has )een done for many ycars, and which they would tn; jnsti lied under the constitution in paying them. Süineofthe members of the house are now trying to conimit that ImkIv to evealng .ssions fortherematnder Of the time they stay. Tliey will hardly succocd In this however, before the last weck of the session.


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