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A youiig iikui'h interest ana uu ty nou uiuiaip iiuu ne snoinu iniikc liiniself Indispensable to liis employers. He ahould be so industrious, prompt and careful that tho accident of his teniporary absence shoujd be noticed by his being inissed. A young man should nnike liis employer his friead, by doing fiiitltfully and iiiinutfly all that is entrusted to hini. It is a groat mistake to be over nice and fastidious about work. 1'itcli in readily and your willingness wül be apjreciated, while the "high-toned" young man whó quibbles aboHt vvhat is and wliat is not his place to do, will get the cold shoulder. There is a story that George AVashington once helped to roll a log tliat one of his corporals would not liandle, and the greatest emperor of Kussia worked with a shipwrtght in England - to learn the business. That'8 just what yon want to do. Be energetic, loek and act with alacrity, take an interest in your employer's success, work as though the business was your o n and let your employer kuow that he may place absolute relianee in your word and on your act. He mindt'ul; have your mind on your business, because it is that which is going to help you, not those outside attractions wliich some of the "boys" are thinking about. Take pleasure in work; do not go about it in i listless, formal manner, but with alacrity and cheerfulness, and reniember that while working thus tor others you are laying the foundation of your own success in life. A woman may be as homely as a drove of camels, and as uninteresting as a counterfeit detector, but as soon as her hnsband is elected to Congnss. and they take up their residence in Wasliiiigton and give recept ons, Bbe becomes "hándsomeand fascinating"- in the newsiapers. ' "Wliy, yon dear litílé giil!" lie exclaiined, the other lay, sreing one oi our little mencls witii hw heao tied bp, "have yon got .the beadache?" "No, sir," 8he anawered, Bweetly, "I'se dol a spit türl."


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