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Fruit Flavorings

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I give instruetions by which all may extract and preserve their own fruit essences, and so guard the health and add to the pleasure of all for whom they provide. Among the juicy fruits are strawberries, raspberrias, blackberries, cherries and currants; among non-jiücy fruits are the apple, pears, peaches, guiñees, apricots and plums. Mash the juicy fruits in a basin to a pulp. Place on the ílre and make scalding hot. ïjow pour into a hair sieve and allow the juice to strain through. Put into tles and securely tie down. Place these bottles in a caldron of cold water and boil for twenty minutes. Remove from the fire and allow to rernain in tlie caldron until cold. Then setaway for use. In the case of non-juicy fruits, sucli as apples, pears, peaches, etc, put the fruit into a basin. Cover with water and boil to a pulp. Novr place on a hair sieve and allow to drain without any pressing. Observe novy that it is only the liquor rhc.ï% passas throsrh the sieve without pressing which islo be used for flavoring purposes. What rematas in the form of pulp is not adapted for these uses. Now put the juice obtained asabove into bottles, and proceed to treat as already laid down for the juicy fruit. The f oregoiug processes are to be gone through with in the case where the extracts are to be Ktjpt iransparent and elear, as for syrups, cordials and bererages.. In cases where the flavorings are fo be used for any purpose where tranaparency or clearness is not desirable, such as for ice crearas, fruit ices or bonbons, tlien I would use not only the olear fluid, but the pulp of the fruit also. I would for these opaque purposes save and utilize everytliiug of tlie fruit except the skins and seeds. This pulp to be treated as already laid down. As thus obtained and preserved our confectioners can supply themselves With a quantity of perfectly pure extracts of all their favorite 'fruits, and which can ahvaysbe at hand, for flavoring every description of pastry, cakes, pies, tart, puddings, creatns, ices and boverages, and at any season of the year. Especially when there is any one in tlte house who is siok oi feverish, cordials may be ilavored with thobe delightful sul)-acids- these remedies and restoratives of kind mother Nature herself - such as will shoot through all the veins of the most debilitated aiulintinn the most Jelicious sensation of


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