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-Children in America are regarded as apt to act upon tupir own will rather than upon the wil of their pareiits. t did not appear to be so in any of tlie families. which I liad opportunities of observing; on the contrary, there was manifest aiïeetionate and intelligent obrdience. At the same time it was apparent that young people were more self-acting than they are in TSnglaiul, wheie we have a somewhat unwise domestic pateraalism, which encourages u costly dependence. The result is that ïnany párente have tokeeptheir cliildren at a period of life when children sliould be prepared to keep their parents, if need be. The American habit of training their children to independence, which they interpret as meanlng self-dependencé, lias much to be said in its favor. We have the Seriptüral maxhn: "Train up a ehild in the way it should go." Young pie in JMigiand aniong the niiddle elass liave quite reversed this. Their reading of the text is: "Train up the parpiits iii the way they shonkl go,' that wlien they are oíd they shall not depart l'iom it." Henee it is that we have so many young men whose politics are conservativo eoncelt, who despise the rinci])les nnder wliich their fiitlicrs vvere enabled to aohieve prosperity, and who thiuk tiieii'missiqn in tliis world is to live u pon the earnings of' their jrejatiyes, fQaking ijq honest exertlons on their own bshalt-London News. Jewish mis.sionaries are called for ly the Jewisli Messenger, which explain's as follows : "We do nofc mean by the mission the teaching of any fonii of doctriiie, bat if by friendly converse we can get the poor to think a little about spiritual mattere, to insist on having their children educated, and to give at least a few hours of the week to duties other than money making, we will be advancing their condition most satis iactorily; and it is a mission which so far we have wofully neglected." A petition to the Government for shortening the school hours is being circulated in Beraft, Svvitzerland. Two other desirable tliings are included in tliis Eetitipn for the sanitation of schools - the erection of school workshops and a more stringent insjstence upqn personal cleauliness. The only time a girl doesn't see erery other fellow on the street is when she baa just got a letter from her own felow and is reading it as she goes aloug.


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