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The Mutton Supply

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-The Der capita consumption oí mutton, tliough somewhat increased during the last decade, is still quite snmll in comparison with tlie amount of beef and pork annually served upon the tables of the United States. Tliere are, however good reasons for the prediction tlia, the decade just entered upon will clost upon figures showing less disparite tlian is seen in such as are now auie. i roimnent among these may be eited tlie improved quality of matton supplied to the markets. ïhis has been brought about largely by valuable additions to our mutton-producing animáis, through importation and by breeding; irnprovement in the inanner of feeding, and increased and cheapened facilities for transportation. The decadence of the prejudice against mutton is a factor thau ought not to be overlooked. ïhis nreiuriinA hnrn of irmnr_ anee, and encouraged by the presenee of inferior sheep, improper feeding, and slovenly slaughtering, invariably gives way when the opportunity for proving its fallacy is presented. Floek owners will materially assist in popularizing mutton-eating and at the same time enhance their own receipts, by placing their slieep in the best possible coiulition beiore allowing theui to go upon tlie market, Not only do choiee animáis find a readier sale, but they oomniand n better priee per pomd than inferior ones.


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