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Levities And Brevities

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A wayaide din - Noise of a hand organ. Did you ever write i letter to a dead relation, and only íind your mistakeout when you wantod the nddress? Stray alligators are put into the pound with GuUdoga ín New Orleans The result ia natural. The Philadelphj Chronicle says that married men are íike eggs, because by being kept tu hot water they beconie hardened. A man having fallen down in a fit in a tai lor 's shop, an envious rival said: "That's the only iit pver seen in tliat establishment." ' Qarfleld can easijy rid himself of ofllce-seekers by spotting his face with red paint and saying he doesn't believe it is the measles. A western widow would like to meet the printer who, when she advertised for an ajrent, made her aouear to want "a geut." Strange - [t is considerad a wrong tliing Cor a husband to strike his wife, but perfectly right í'or a wife to collar and euff her husband. A young lady of New York lately paid $400 for ha ving a single dress raade. Iler lover's hair has begun to turn gray, and he looks careworn.j As for her social standing, it wilfbé sufticient to say that her father owns 120 mules, and is a candidato for the legislature. - Colorado Paper. A field of fine linen with potato bugs rambling all over it, is a neat design in fancy spring shirtings which appears in a local fumishing goods store window. Susan's young man has gone away to remain three weeks. The price of fancy stationery li;is ad vaneed tiemendously in the neighbuvhood of Susan's home,


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