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Tn the ture ol Oliio sonie years ago, there was i warm dispute whether a certain proposed railroad should oommenee ai a given poiat down or at a certain other up the river. "Who ever heard," said a down-the-river advocate, "of hegiunhig anything at the top? Who ever heard of building a chimney from the top downward'? Who ever saw a house begun at the top?" Up jomped ;. Dit;h n.ember from an iip-tlie-rivcioounty. "Meester Brezidcnt, dte ''ntlemaiis av dat dees beesMa ees all ven hooniboorg, pecause vee vants to pegeen our railroat nĂșt de top of d slitate, und Ije ruako soine seely coinbadsons apont do houe und de schimney. I veel alao ask de jentlemans xon questions. Een hees bart ov de shtate ven dey pegins to build yon veil, dd dey pegins init de top of de veil ? Veel de jentlemens bleese anawer me dat leetle von question." Cologne and flattery inay be sniffed at but not swallowed.


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